2014: how we lived it

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

This year has flown by so fast I hardly know where it went!  In hopes of keeping it from escaping completely without a trace, I put together a little month-by-month synopsis of our lives in 2014.  I was kind of surprised at how much has actually happened to us in just one year–especially one that flew by in such a blink of an eye.  Hope you enjoy our year in review!


January. We started the new year with a trip to San Diego (woo-hoo!), came home to frozen pipes and then came down with the flu (boo). Thankfully, the pipes were fixed fairly easily and we quickly sprang back to health .  We went to the National Western Stock Show in Denver.


February. We had a fun Valentine’s Day, got new bookshelves, and Caleb started at his new school.  Zia was already going part time, but now they could ride the bus together.  I met a man ten years ago. 😉


March. David’s grandma passed away, which led to a trip to New Mexico.  Zia lost a front tooth, then the other, started school full time, and Caleb went to New Mexico for spring breakDavid left to work the Master’s golf tournament in Georgia.


April. We got a big snowstorm, David turned 40, I made a painting for his birthday, and he finally came home from Masters Golf.


May. Caleb turned 14.  I had an awesome Mother’s Day,  we went to the Boulder Creek Festival, had a crazy mix of sun and snow, and finally it was the end of school, complete with the Science Fair and Spring Recital.


June. We went to New York!  David worked the Tony Awards in NYC, we hung out with my family, went camping, and went to Cousin Maddie’s birthday party.  We spent the last day at the beach with almost all ten of my brothers and sisters.  Zia lost a bottom tooth after we got back, we celebrated Father’s Day, I had my wisdom teeth out (ow), and Cash was weaned for a week, due to my antibiotics.


July. Our friends came to visit (yay!),  Zia began learning to swim, and Cash had his first real haircut.  We also celebrated our birthdays: Zia turned seven (we took a trail ride to celebrate), Cash turned two, and our friend Cindy was here for her birthday.  I turned 39, and had the best birthday ever. 🙂


AugustDavid left for NYC again, this time to work the US Open.  Caleb came home from summer break in New Mexico, the kids went back to school, and Cash and I had lots of time together.  Caleb and Zia almost had a close encounter with a moose, we went to the county fair, hit the local flea market a few times, and spent most of August keeping ourselves busy till David finally came home.


September. A month of my life that felt so creatively barren–from feeling blah, to trying to pull myself out of a slump, to being completely directionless.  On the brighter side, we went to Nederland’s annual Enchanted Forest, my teeth began improving, and we had a summer snow!


October. I pulled out of that dry desert I was in (whew!), started making handbuilt pottery, began learning to swim, set up a woodworking studio, and opened an Etsy shop.  We had an unseasonably warm month, which was so nice.  David and Caleb went hunting and I began harvesting my tiny fall container garden.


November. I made jewelry for my shop, learned to throw on the pottery wheel, designed and sent to press my first business cards, and began woodcarving.  The Polar Vortex hit us early and we had a string of freezing cold days.  We had a sweet and simple Thanksgiving at home.


December. We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary!  I finished my first batch of pottery, made a mini photo studio, and Zia had her Winter Recital.  We bought a new induction cookstove, sighted a herd of bighorn sheep, and battled a round of colds (with some natural remedies).  We went did an apartment outreach in  downtown Denver, Zia won a giant lollipop at Hammond’s Candy Cane Festival, and we spent Christmas Eve in Winter Park, CO.

3 Responses to “2014: how we lived it”

  1. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee….thank you so much for these pix – the year did fly by soooo fast!!! The grandkids grew so much and are just beautiful!!! Happy New Year / we love you all to the moon 🙂 /mom

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Mom! Happy New Year!

  3. Mimi says on :

    And you captured all the highlights on film for us….a good year !!! Love you all!