winter arts festival

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Last week we attended the Winter Arts Festival at school.  Zia sang Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with her Montessori first and second grade classmates.  The boy to her left is Max, her best (and silliest) friend.


She did great onstage and didn’t seem as nervous as last year.  She wore her Rudolph necklace, but just before going onstage, she gave it a tug and it slipped off the chain.  We fixed it after she sang, but she didn’t get to wear it for the event we made it for–too bad, but at the same time, not really a big deal.

She has worn it to school since then, and when she explains to her classmates that her mom hand-painted it, they are blown away.  “Like, your mom painted that with her fingers?”  To which Zia replies, “No, silly, she used a paintbrush.  Hand-painted means not painted by a machine.” “Even though, of course (telling the story to me) it looks like it was painted by a machine.”  Which is the ultimate compliment, coming from a seven-year old.


After Zia’s recital was over, we went to find her drawing in the art show.


She did a flying mouse in oil pastels–which I thought looked pretty awesome, and not at all like it was painted by a machine. 😉


And now, school’s over and the kids are done with school–free at last!!–for a couple of weeks.  Let the fun begin!

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