summertime in the mountains

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School starts for Caleb and Zia this week.  Our summer has flown, and I’m still trying to grasp that we’re into August already.  It’s been a wet, cool summer.  The upside of that is that there is green growth everywhere, yet unlike last year, there has been no major flooding (SO thankful for that!)  The downside is that wet and cool slide right into cold and snow.  We all want to s-t-r-e-t-c-h summer out a little longer than it lasts around here.


We attended Back to School Night on Thursday, and our 4-minute drive home brought an amazing double rainbow and a herd of bull elk. I remember living in Kansas City and longing to see beauty around me.  That prayer has been answered a thousand times.  I see incredible natural beauty every day–even if I only look out my front door.





Yesterday was such a great day.  We spent the morning playing at the rec center swimming pool, then drove down to Boulder.  Those jagged mountains in the picture above are the Flatirons–Boulder lies at the foot of them.  We had lunch at Whole Foods, browsed the Apple store, played outside at the Rocket Park, and went to Glacier Homemade Ice Cream.






The only thing that dampened the day was the fact that it was our last day with David.  He left this morning to work the US Open tennis event in NYC.


Such a good, good man.  Often I come to the realization that I’m thrilled to be married to him.  Not just “still” happily married, but actually becoming happier as the years go by, if that is possible.  Here we are trying not to squint into an incredibly bright sunset, with the double rainbow behind us.


The kids are starting school without Dadda home, and Cash has been moping for him this morning.  Zia just screamed and cried and said she’s bored, but we all know how she really feels.  We all miss him already.


Later this morning after we took David to meet the airport shuttle, Cash motioned wildly for me to come to the open door (since I was ignoring his excited jabbering).  There, not ten feet off the porch, stood a big buck with 8 velvety points.  We all went out and watched him, and he stood and looked back at us, completely unafraid.  I guess he could see his antlers were bigger than ours. 🙂


The buck was a bright spot in our morning, and we told Dadda all about him on the phone.  He told Cash to get the gun, which Cash ran off to do, phone in hand, with a manly “OK.”  He has no idea where the gun is, but he was set to find it.


Cash is sleeping now and Zia has finally calmed down.  We’re heading off to do something fun again today, before school starts tomorrow.  We’ll miss our man, but he’s made sure we have everything we need, and we’re ready to tackle the coming weeks without him.


And when he gets home, I think there will be a little summertime left in these mountains for us to revel in together.

5 Responses to “summertime in the mountains”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    The pics are awesome. I miss you HUGE already. Can’t wait to get out if this crazy city and back to our wilderness. Schmoochies huge and enjoy the peace and quiet while school is in session 🙂 be home soooooon /:0)

  2. Mimi says on :

    Beautiful pics…we love them and I know you’ll miss David so much…hope the school days start pretty smoothly.

  3. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeee…..beautiful pix & kids ……so DL’s been gone almost a day ???? To the armpit of the world!!!!!……;(. Hope you had a wonderful day …..luv u / mom

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Caleb left today, dragging his feet. Zia will be going tomorrow, skipping and dancing with joy. Boy says he wants to go, in a very sad voice: “Boy go ‘dool?” But he really doesn’t mean it (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself). 🙂

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Yes, he’s been gone one day. We’re pathetic, I know. But I don’t envy him, poor guy–all holed up in that stinky armpit for almost 3 weeks. 🙁