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Saturday we went to the local flea market–an outdoor affair with all of 5 or 6 vendors–in the parking lot of our community center.  We found a few little treasures.  Caleb and Zia each got one or two things they liked, and I found some things for Cash.  The wooden bench was $1, and worth every penny.  He drags it all over the house, and the saying on it is definitely true.  (Insert wry smile.)


This “Queen Buzzy Bee” is a pull toy that just needed a string.  Its wings spin with a nice little clicking sound when it moves.


I fell in love with this little pull toy horse.  Its head bobs when you pull it, the soldier bobs a little, and the bell jingles.


This telephone also needed a new string to pull it.  The eyes move up and down and it rings when you let the dial spin.


I hate to admit I spent $25 on those three old toys, but I did.  My best haggling skills only brought the total price down by $5, but secretly (or not so secretly) I’m happy I bought them.  They are so much sweeter, I think, than all the plastic toys in Walmart.  Besides, I had to teach Cash how to use a dial phone before there are no more. 😉



The end table was $2.  If I had the time and patience–and propensity for sanding possibly lead-based paint–I would have brought it all down to the original wood.  I decided to keep it a quick project, so I painted it with the leftover Chili Pepper paint from the kitchen, but it didn’t seem durable enough.  I went over it with glossy black, but then realized I needed I nice pop of color for the laundry room, so I went to Home Depot for a can of bright red.  I’m a little obsessive when it comes to paint.  I think I’ll keep it red, but it’s taken 5 coats so far, and it will probably take another 2 to cover the black.  So much for a quick project.



We spent the rest of our weekend swimming and at the park by the creek in Boulder.  Zia has been home from school with a little cold this week, but our excitement can’t be dampened.  Dadda comes home tomorrow night!


4 Responses to “flea market finds”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Awesome and fun finds! I’m borrowing that phone for Masters 2015 heheh, so cool. This is the last night in good ol’ armpitville, although I never really thought of it like that. Until, that is, I was distracted the other night watching the rain flow upward on the drafts between buildings when a rather hefty native walking toward me squatted suddenly and let out a very loud, “Squawwwwk”

    He almost got knocked out and I almost needed new unds, funtimes armpit, FUNTIMES! See you soooooon! /:O)

  2. Mimi says on :

    Nice to see the flea market things…nice little table,too…..David, glad you’ll be getting home soon! It’ll be good to get home!

  3. Colleen says on :

    Love the picture of your little guy pulling the horsy toy…. And I remember having that Queen Bee pull toy in my home growing up! So fun!

  4. Wendy McDonagh-Valentine says on :

    Such great finds. They were all popular when I was a kid. I think you got a pretty good deal considering they’re vintage toys. I used to do in-home shows for a company called Country Peddler. We sold stools that had that saying on them. I sold a ton of them. So sweet. : )

    ~ Wendy