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My first 8-week pottery session is finished!  I’m doing some open studio time this winter, punctuated with three mornings of group instruction, trying to figure out the puzzle of throwing.  At this point I’m still wondering who’s in charge, the wheel or me.  It’s hard to tell.  I’ll have an almost-perfect bowl spinning evenly around, and suddenly there’s a flop and I look down to see a flattened plate flapping wildly.  I’ve been trying to make a nice big salad bowl for quite a while now (because I actually need one) and I have faith that one of these days a lump of clay will eventually make it through the perilous minefield of my hands to that celestial place where it holds my lettuce.


But on a more confident note: hand building!  My 8-week session was mainly focused not on the wheel but on the table, where I built mugs, cylinders, and closed forms from slabs of clay I rolled out, cut, and formed.  I’ve shown some of these pieces before, but now I have the whole body of work finished–formed, bisque-fired, glazed, and fired again.  I photographed them in my handy-dandy homemade photo studio and have them here to show you.  (All but the tiny green mug I made Cash.  He threw it one day in a two-year old fit of rage and it shattered.  And then he innocently asked every now and then, “Where my deen mug?  So I’m making him another, even though it will likely meet the same fate.)

And now, behold the pottery.


Mug for David: Glazed with Celadon and Gunmetal.


Squished Squarish Bowl: Jewel Blue and Tangerine.


Lizard Pot: Blue and green stains and clear glaze.


Lizard Pot interior.


Tiny Mug for Zia: Red glaze.


Mug for Caleb: Gunmetal and Red.


Closed Form with Petals: Red glaze.


Mountain Mug: Celadon and Purple.


Closed Form with Lid and Three Feet: Celadon and Purple.


Closed Form with Lid and Three Feet interior.


Small Pitcher: Tangerine and Jewel Blue.


Horse Mug: Red and Celadon.

2 Responses to “gallery of pottery”

  1. Mimi says on :

    Wow! Really nice work…..I especially love the tangerine and jewel blue colors ‘tho all of them are works of art – and I like the different shapes – So nice.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Yup, I was thinking of you with those colors…and Claude Monet. 🙂