sweet springtime

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We are on Spring Break here, and Caleb has flown the coop to spend a week with his mom. The kids and I have been racing their little trikes (them riding, me pushing) back and forth on our deck for the last few days. It so reminds me of those long summer days of being five and six and riding my Pink Powderpuff hot wheels endlessly in circles on our cement slab porch. And telling my brother from the seat of my Powderpuff that I never wanted to grow up.  Funny, the things you always remember.

I hope my kids have the same sort of memories–infused with sunlight and smells–captured and stored up until something touches them off every year or so. Even if they are not remembered, these are days lived in the now, and that’s a good and fresh and real feeling.

We’ve also been doing quite a bit of art. I pulled out all my art supplies in the hopes of finding some time to paint, but until then, Zia is putting the paints to good use. I get a new painting every 5 minutes or so–for a mere 5 cents. I’m going broke.

And the New Mexico flag now flies on our turf.  I suggested that we fly the New York flag too–which was met by loud guffaws, as if I had just told the best joke ever.  Get a rope.  I have to admit, the NM flag is way cooler (It does have the Zia symbol, after all.) Boo-hoo for New Yorkers.

Along with our unstructured days in the sun this week, David is preparing for his part in the Masters Golf Tournament: live on-site streaming.  It’s an intense (read: grueling) event his team gears up for all year long.

I gear up for it too (mentally), though I’m not sure why.  I have a strapping teenage boy to help me out at home, and Zia is now in school full time.  I also have a nice collection of shotguns at my disposal. 🙂 Even more importantly, a GPS.  So I might learn my way around town a little, now that I’ll actually have to drive.

Still, I look forward to it being over, and us all together again. David is delighted he gets to spend his birthday away, working like mad–which perplexes me to no end.  I guess it’s a guy thing.  Work first, celebrate later.

But I’ll get back to living in the now, and right now, he’s home–and if it’s up to me, we might just celebrate his birthday first…and work later.

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  1. Grandma & Grandpa says on :

    Sleeping and/or contemplating ????……luv u guys/ mom

  2. mountain girl says on :

    No…on his phone!

  3. Your Lion says on :

    With an Oliva Cigar… oh yea

  4. GRANNY says on :


  5. appleshoe says on :

    I’m sure they are filling these memories away to look back on. There is always so much love and light shining out from them in these pictures. Ahh big wheels. Mine looked like a Crest toothpaste tube 🙂 Be well.