days without dadda

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Our days spent without David have been full and steady, and they’re going by fast.  Caleb and Zia catch the bus early each morning and come home full of stories of their adventures of the day.  April Fool’s day was a huge source of delight–Zia told me she had brought a brownie from her teacher for me, and presented me with a brown paper E.  It was the most hilarious thing in all her six years, I think.

My days have been full of Boy.  I night-weaned him a week or so ago, and he’s been good about the transition.  He wakes up once or twice in the night and bucks and snorts like a little bull in his frustration, then cozies up to hold my hand and fall asleep again.  It’s good to have whole days with just him.  He seems to revel in our time together, although he stops what he’s doing now and then to ask about Sissy or Dadda, and when they will be “hoe.”

His personality is coming out more and he is very funny.  He gets a kick out of looking at himself in the mirror, with some object on his head he decides is a hat, or bedecked in one of my necklaces reaching to his ankles, or with a green smoothie all over his lips (photo above).  We laugh a lot, make art, play together, and have lots of num-nums to make up for those lost during the night.  I’m glad he and I can spend time together, just us, like Zia and I used to.  There is a calm coziness to our days, and they are accented nicely by the weekends charged with heightened noise and energy in the presence of the ever-emotional Sissy.

We had a few mild days after David left, and I told him happily on the phone that the wind had died and it was a balmy 30 degrees out.  He hesitated only a little to tell me it was 80 there.  Later at 9 pm it was in the 70’s as he sat smoking a cigar outside and we talked.

Those 30 and 40 degree days were the warm ones here, and then came last night.  It snowed all night, and in the morning the school called a snow day–the first since we’ve been here (Colorado schools are die-hard when it comes to snow).  We got 2 feet of snow overnight, and although it’s remarkably beautiful, the kids had plans other than spending the weekend in the house or playing in the snow.  Zia had made enchiladas for her class’s international dinner tonight–she was going dressed as a Navaho–and Caleb had planned to spend tomorrow skiing with his friends.






We shoveled the driveway for a while, but Cash got cold and Zia eventually lost her steam pulling him around in the sled.  She hitched him to the car and left him there, which he just thought was funny.  We made quite a bit of progress in the hour we were out there, and got about a fifth of the driveway cleared.  We’re not giving up yet, and honestly, I love shoveling snow.  It’s one of my very favorite winter sports, hehee.  It makes me happy and I can hardly stop once I start.

So we’re missing you, Dadda, but we’re keeping busy and happy here while we wait for you.  Even if we can’t get out this weekend, we have lots of wood and food (enchiladas, lol) and a sweet home to work and play in.  We hope you are having a good week, too–even though you have to endure that awful 80-degree weather. 🙂  Love you.

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  1. Your Lion says on :

    Still can’t believe school was cancelled. It’s in the 80s here, but, one word, humidity. Yuck. Love seeing the pics and missing my familia HUGE /:O)

  2. Mimi says on :

    Oh, I like the ‘brown E’ April fools joke…. good one Zia!

  3. Grandma & Grandpa says on :

    LOVE the April Fools joke – lil Zia u r too cute 🙂

  4. Tiffany says on :

    What a beautiful life!