on my counter and outside my door

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On my counter this morning, you’ll find a smorgasbord of things in various stages of cultivation–

Sprouted almonds

Greek yogurt

Red and brown henna

Turkey bone broth

Facial cleanser and moisturizer


And the spinach, lettuce, and radishes on the deck are coming along just fine, despite several snowfalls and lots of below-freezing nights.  The chipmunks nibbled one barrel of spinach and kale down to the roots, so we made a chicken-wire top and it has kept them out nicely.  Cold weather veggies seem to be the way to go in the mountains, and I’m excited about dreaming up an entire cold-weather container crop for early spring.

Happy times, here in these mountains.  🙂

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  1. appleshoe says on :

    looks like a nice place to be. Why is it that the busier a kitchen, the more golden the light in pictures?