creek festival

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Between parks and playgrounds (and rain and hail and a little snow) we spent Saturday at the Boulder Creek Festival.  It was fun but exhausting, dragging the I-Refuse-to-go-in-the-Stroller Boy and Miss Drama Queen around.  Thank God for Caleb, who manages to whip them both into shape, usually by the pure strength of his brawn.


Zia usually makes out pretty good at these events.  From face paintings to rides and games and ice cream and bouncy castles, it’s a wonder she complains the whole time and says she wishes “we never came here.” Hopefully it’s just a stage–but I’ve been saying that for six years now.





The fire engine was a big hit.  Zia was quiet, for once, sitting in the driver’s seat, and Cash kicked and screamed when it was time to get down.



In the end, we dragged ourselves home, vowing never to go to the Boulder Creek Festival again (we will, of course.)


We spent Monday at the park, since David and the kids had a day off.  When we came home, Zia made a flag for Memorial Day and the kids spent the rest of the day playing outside.

The rain, hail and snow stopped for a while, but Cash insisted on wearing his ‘no boots.  He seems to love the heavy, anchored feeling of trudging around in boots, like Zia did when she was his age.  Then again, I guess we all would want to wear boots every day if our heads were twice the size of our feet.


Here are my three beautiful Step children (like three great big steps, you know).  Today is the first day of Caleb and Zia’s last week at school–yahoo–and we are all so ready for summer!

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  1. Grandma & Grandpa says on :

    Hi honeeee…….WE LOVED THESE PIX…. U made us giggle and sigh …oh sooooooo cute/we love u guys sooo much!!!/mom

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Hi Mom,
    Glad you liked the pics…hope you guys are doing good and getting some nice sun!