in the shop: celtic deer necklace and bear claw earrings

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Here are the latest items in my shop.  After the Pictish bear I posted last week, I wanted to make more Celtic animal designs. They’re so much fun, with their swirls and knots and flat colors.


First I made these bear claw earrings. I worked them in silver and black inks on aspen wood slices, and hung them on silver plated earwires.



Bear claws are a traditional Celtic design, although they usually have intricate knotwork in the center pad of the paw.  I changed the design on these earrings to show a Celtic triskelion swirl instead.


The other piece I made is an aspen necklace featuring a Celtic stag.  It is an original design I created, worked in Pictish style.



I used translucent rust red, iridescent gold, and cream inks for the deer. It has a circular forest green background edged in gold, and hangs on a gold plated chain.  It has a nice wintry look (especially against snow!) but I’m pretty sure I would also wear this in warm weather.


Picking favorites in my art is a little like having a favorite child, so I try not to.  Still, this is a definite favorite. 🙂


Hop on over to the shop if you want to check them out!

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  1. appleshoe says on :

    oooo I can see why that is a favorite. It’s quite lovely.