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She had barely opened her eyes when she sleepily held up four fingers. “Am I four now?”

“Yes, you’re four.”

“But I don’t feel like four.”

“Do you still feel three?”

“Yes, but I’m not three. I’m FOUR!!!”

And so began our birthday morning.

When she stepped into the kitchen, she found a circle of pink and green balloons hanging from the light, and the table below them was heaped with presents wrapped in pink, green and purple.

Hmm. Was I really the one who said we don’t really do much for special days? What was I thinking?

Of all the beautiful things a birthday can bring, perhaps best of all for this girl is that for the very first time, she has a brother to play with. Even as she plays quietly (with him bouncing around her) she has that satisfied look on her face that no perfectly wrapped present could ever bring. And there are so many silly things you can do with a brother…like pretending you’re a kitten and getting dragged around in a laundry basket.

Even though it was her birthday, I got a present too. Yeah, I know, I already got my present. But try telling that to the man who snuck out and got me my very own mini trampoline, wrapped it in a blanket, and gave it to me when she opened her presents. Gifts may not make the man, but this man certainly makes a gift super special. (That’s him in the background, slaving over the dirty dishes.)

At 9:30, we headed to White Ranch for a trail ride (for the boys) and a pony ride. She rode and I led the pony – if you can call it a pony. It was a really big pony, but she loved it.

The trail guide was the Marlboro Man himself, there in the background behind Caleb.

My boy and his boy.

Yeah, he’s awesome.

After the rides (which they all survived) we had lunch at Whole Foods and then came home for cake and ice cream.

The birthday fairy herself cut the cake

and ate the first bite.

Mmm-mm. It passes the taste test.

Happy birthday, fairy princess.

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  1. jodi says on :

    ohhh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIA! What a special and fun day! I SO love the photo of her in her fairy outfit sitting, watching the horses. Sweet!

  2. 3 amigos says on :

    hi honeeeee…………..lil Zia’s blue cake and blue horsie are quite awesome!!! you are so creative and artsy 🙂 the boys are quite handsome 🙂 keep up the good work 🙂 luv u/mom

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