birthday at the carousel

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We celebrated Zia’s 6th birthday yesterday at the Carousel of Happiness.  Seven kids came, with parents and presents in tow.  We served pizza, lemonade, cake, and cupcakes.  I applied Brave tattoos all around, and Zia handed out the treat bags.

After they ate, the kids all played in the puppet theater and had a free ride on the carousel.  I think everybody had a really fun time in the short hour we had the party room for.  Actually, everyone stayed an extra half hour, and the carousel people didn’t seem to mind at all.  Small towns are good like that.

Zia rode the pinto horse, her favorite. Our carousel only costs a dollar a ride, so we come fairly often.  It’s one of the benefits of having a touristy little hometown.

I made chocolate cupcakes with mint, cherry, and vanilla frosting, and licorice-tipped arrows to go along with the Brave theme.  Zia stuck the arrows in and showered the cupcakes generously with sprinkles.

The horse-head shaped cake has made its appearance at three of Zia’s birthdays in a row now.  It went from a blue horse to an Indian pony, and now to a pink-and-white sparkly fairy-style horse.

For the first time, Zia specifically asked that she not wear a dress or anything fancy.  “It just sends shivers up my spine to think about dressing up,” she confided in me.  She’s eerily like her mama when she turned about that age.

The Chubinator didn’t get to have cake or pizza, but he did manage to sneak some ice.  He also got his very first tattoo–the three little bears from Brave.

His shirt says, “Don’t call me chubby….I’m all muscle.”  Which of course. we all disregard.  Hang in there, Chub.  Your birthday is just three weeks away, and we’ll be sure to celebrate in style.

We finished the day off by watching Man of Steel in our town’s little movie theater.  It was packed out.  The emcee called Zia up front and recited Christopher Robin’s poem about turning six, then she told everyone how Zia wore tiny pink cowboy boots the first time she came to the movies.  Everyone sang happy birthday and cheered.  Small towns are good like that.

One more 6th birthday celebration at home on Wednesday (the real DOB) and we’ll be ready for another year!

3 Responses to “birthday at the carousel”

  1. Aunt Rae says on :

    Happy Birthday Zia!

  2. Mimi says on :

    Looks like all had fun…great job on that cake !!!

  3. Tiffany says on :

    Sounds like an amazing party! And I LOVE that cake. Great job! Happy Birthday Zia!