ten tiny horses (and bows and arrows)

Posted on July 2nd, 2013 by mountain girl  |  8 Comments »

Every morning now, we count down two sets of days.  One is the number of days until Zia’s real birthday, the other until the celebration birthday.

For the first time, we’re having a birthday party with kids invited, which Zia has been asking about for almost a year now.  I’m not much of a party-throwing mamma, but since she’s only six once, I gave in.

We decided to come up with a theme for our party, and it seemed obvious we should do Brave (as in the Pixar movie).  I’ve always tried to steer away from Disney Princesses–until Princess Merida came along.

There’s just something different about a girl who shoots arrows and rides a giant black steed named Angus and does other things in life besides pine for a prince.  Besides, she’s a spunky red-headed Scot, and that beats Sleeping Beauty any day in my book.

Oh, yeah–and Zia likes her, too.

So we ordered Brave decorations–a tablecloth, plates, cups, napkins–and best of all, treat bags.


Enter Angus–ten of him.

I made 10 clay horses, baked them, and painted them to look like Angus.

Each party-going kid gets a horse, as well as…

a bow and arrow.

I found the instructions over at I Can Teach My Child.  Jenae has a great tutorial along with name labels to print out.

We filled each treat bag with a bow and four arrows, Angus, a fruit leather and an organic lollipop.  Four days left…and counting!

8 Responses to “ten tiny horses (and bows and arrows)”

  1. Lyssa says on :

    Looks like an awesome birthday party in store! Great ideas : )

  2. Tracey says on :

    The little girl in my life, soon to be five next month, is a huge lover of horses so I hope you consider it a compliment that I want to borrow your
    birthday idea, it looks just lovely.

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Yeah–go for it!

  4. Mindi says on :

    Such great party favors! Your horses are amazing! What a lucky little girl!

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Mindi!

  6. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeeee…Wonderful job & great ideas……….luv u guys/ mom

  7. Hannah says on :

    Great party favors! Oh yes the girls’ birthday is very soon!

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    […] We celebrated Zia’s 6th birthday yesterday at the Carousel of Happiness.  Seven kids came, with parents and presents in tow.  We served pizza, lemonade, cake, and cupcakes.  I applied Brave tattoos all around, and Zia handed out the treat bags. […]