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I sent my camera away for repairs (banging it with the snow shovel is not a good idea) so I’m posting pics that are already sitting here in my folders.  At the risk of sounding like a complete birthday fanatic, here are some more photos of birthday presents I received.


David gave me three things, one which was a Whole Foods gift card.  I meandered into Whole Foods on our next trip to town and saw this forest green hoodie.  It’s soft and cozy, and I love the color.


I’m off to join Robin and his merry men. 🙂


While I was at Whole Foods, I spotted a few other lovelies (as always).  Coconut texture spray, argan oil, and sea buckthorn seed oil.

I have been been curious to try argan oil.  This brand has safflower seed oil as a carrier, with argan oil as the second ingredient.  My skin glows after applying the oil and it works great as a makeup remover.  Using just a tiny bit, my hair feels soft but not greasy.

The sea buckthorn seed oil is exquisite.  It is so good for your skin and feels amazing.  I had already been using the same brand of sea buckthorn serum on my face, and it felt so incredible I wanted to try the pure oil.  I wasn’t disappointed!

I normally don’t like hairspray, but the coconut texture spray gives my hair great body, bouncy hold, and smells amazing.  It’s like a beach waves spray, but for me, it works even better.  Alaffia is a great company that gives maternal care to mothers in developing nations.


These beautiful Santa Fe-style barrettes were a gift to Zia and me from David’s mom.  Zia was thrilled with her pinto pony design, and I think the thunderbird is beautiful–so fresh and exciting. We love them both.  Thanks, Mom!


My mother bought me this sweet silver bowl from Oneida Limited.  It sits on our wood island counter next to my larger copper bowls and looks disdainfully at them–for good reason.  But actually the copper bowls are beautiful in their own tarnished, dented way.


We were at the Apple store a couple of weeks ago looking at laptops, and David asked me what kind I wanted for my next computer.  I was happy with my older and slower MacBook (it wasn’t that old or that slow) but the newer 13″ retina display was so light–great for carrying around one-handed with a strapping toddler in the other arm.


Still, I was totally caught off guard when he procured it from some hidden spot upstairs (more pics on my birthday post). It’s so fast and and a little smaller than my old one, and I love the purple case–which I picked out, hehee.  Zia now has the old laptop and loves it.  She keeps up with my blog posts and sometimes plays a game or watches a movie on it.


David’s third present was The Wild Horses of Sable Island.

So many beautiful things.  I am still blown away by how much everyone did for me.  The greatest gift was that our awesome friends happened to be with us right on my birthday!


Now I’ll try very hard not to say anything else about my birthday.  After all, birthdays are not supposed to be such joyous occasions when you are nearly forty. 😉  JK.

But I just have to say, this birthday was among my top favorites.  Good friends, lots of time out in the mountains, and so many fun surprises.

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  1. Mimi says on :

    The continuing birthday….remember Papa always gave us 3 day birthdays?…Italian ,I’m sure….love the barrettes from Lisa, very special, I wouldn’t even know where to find something like that up here. A great mother-in-law you have, I always said so! Love, Mimi

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Yes, she is awesome. 🙂 And I remember the 3-day birthdays. 🙂