the wild horses of sable island

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I love the photography of Roberto Dutesco.  I discovered his work a year or two ago while looking at horse photos online.  I had an image in my head that I had seen somewhere–two horses lovingly nuzzling each other.  I wanted to find the photo and make a painting like it to hang above our bed (er, mattress).


I found the image (top and bottom photos) and loved it so much I scrapped the idea of painting it and decided to buy it–a large one, as I had first seen it in a magazine article, hanging in a huge house.


Ha, ha, ha.  Little did I know, Roberto Dutesco’s prints are in the thousands of dollars, and the really big ones are over $100,000.  They are limited edition, silver gelatin prints.  Forget picking one up to hang over the mattress.


I still love his work and drool over the amazing photographs I find online.  Someday I will go to his gallery in New York and see those giant wild horses up close.


Roberto Dutesco has made several visits to Sable Island (off the eastern coast of Nova Scotia) to photograph the wild horses that live there.  They are so rugged and free (and unafraid of humans!)  I love the rough, windblown freedom that is so beautifully crystallized in his work.


For my birthday last week, David gave me a book–Roberto Dutesco’s Wild Horses of Sable Island.  I was so surprised and thrilled–I didn’t even know the book existed.  It’s big and beautiful, and signed by Dutesco.  It is such a sweet gift to me–like having my own gallery of wild horses, right at my fingertips.


You can find the story of the Wild Horses of Sable Island and Roberto Dutesco here.

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  1. Mimi says on :

    I do love that man’s photos!!! They really are nice.

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    […] Dutesco’s work became one of my favorites, and David got me a copy of his book last year for my birthday.  This spring, I received permission to make an artist’s rendering of his work, and made […]