happy thanksgiving!

Posted on November 24th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  5 Comments »

First of all, holiday table decorations are very important.

Painstakingly so, in fact.

Here we have the original Hanging Hanger Thanksgiving Dinner Mobile by Zia.

On to secondary things. In the early morning light, David and I began to prepare the very first Thanksgiving dinner we’ve ever cooked together.

Always before, we’ve been around family or friends and have shared dinner with them. We’re on our own now!

I remember our very first Thanksgiving together. We had been dating in KC that summer and fall, and our plans were to get married sometime in March. We really didn’t care about a big wedding, so we had decided to go alone to a JP in Kansas City, have a small ceremony, and live happily ever after.

One small wrench in the plan: we decided to go to New York together to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

It’s just inevitable. When you’re with your Mama and Papa and 10 brothers and sisters and the man you love, it’s just too perfect an opportunity to turn down. We stayed an extra week…and came back to Kansas City married.

The good thing was that there were no wedding invitations to cancel, no extravagant plans gone awry, and not one person disappointed, that’s for sure.

The great thing was, I married an awesome man, I got to spend an extra winter in his cozy bed, and we’ve been cooking up a great life together ever since. 🙂

And right now, we’re cooking up a great Thanksgiving dinner, together. (That turkey is getting nicely golden, isn’t it?)

Oh, and did I mention I have a few extra things to be thankful for this year? Like…

a lovely new house and a kitchen that simply begs me to cook in it

a certain 11-year old boy who is now part of our family (but home with his mom now for the holiday)

a man who loves me better, stronger and wiser with every year that passes

a little girl who adorns not only my table, but my heart with all her treasures.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

5 Responses to “happy thanksgiving!”

  1. jodi says on :

    Happy Thanksgiving! I love Zia’s centerpiece, so artistic that girl! I love your marriage story too. Total perfection 🙂

  2. mimi says on :

    I like all the food pics…..glad your meal turned out so good,too! I like the hanging hangers…very original. We’re all pretty stuffed over here in NY…only had 9 people here this year. love, Mama

  3. Leah says on :

    I love the way you wrote this and gave us food photos along the way. We’re glad you got married!

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