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Here is the latest cord burning box.  I made it for a midwife who requested a sun face (resembling a child’s face) on the bottom, with a sunrise going halfway up the sides.  The sides became more of an abstract design, and the bottom might not read as a sun at first glance.  As usual, though, I had to take a little artistic license.


Here is the reference photo she gave me to to follow:


You really can see some similarities–I didn’t completely rebel against this design. Note the swirls around the face, the shape of the sun rays, the leaves at each side.  That was close enough for me.



I used 16 different paint colors and worked for about nine post-bedtime hours, in that great state of uninterruptus maximus. For those who know, it’s the glorious time of night where you are completely alone, free, and the creative rivers flow unhindered.  It’s a wonderfully clear, semi-exhausted, right-brained feeling, one that I haven’t draw on in years.  I can feel it calling me back, although to a small degree compared to college art days (no more 4 am bedtimes for me!)


7 Responses to “sun-face box”

  1. Wendy McDonagh-Valentine says on :

    This is absolutely gorgeous, Mia!!! You are such a gifted artist!!!! Oh my goodness!!! The person you painted this for is going to LOVE it!!!!!! Thanks for sharing it with us. : ) Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend. xo

    ~ Wendy

  2. Grandma & Grandpa says on :

    Hi honeeee.. This box is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!luv u/mom

  3. Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom says on :

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Well done Mia, thanks for sharing.

    I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  4. appleshoe says on :

    That is a beautiful box, and I did first think Sun Face. Beautifully done. My midwife never mentioned a cord burning box. And a BIG congratulations! Somewhere I missed that you are pregnant. Big BIG congratulations!

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Oh…oops! Actually, I’m not pregnant. Kristine was my midwife for Cash, so I should have made that clearer. I’m glad you saw the sun face in it!

  6. Hannah says on :

    miss you.. hope all is OK. It has been a while (like TWO WEEKS) since you blogged….

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