{this moment}

Posted on June 21st, 2013 by mountain girl  |  10 Comments »

Linking up with SouleMama…a moment from our week.

10 Responses to “{this moment}”

  1. Lyssa says on :

    Such a cutie! I loved the post about the making of the horse this week. Have a happy solstice!

  2. Lyssa says on :

    Oh, and thank you for the birthday wishes for Harmony : ) We had a lovely day! Our moment for the week is of her birthday as well.

  3. Jessica says on :

    Oh, that is just too cute!

    Here is mine. I was managing a cranky dinner and decided to turn it around with some humor. http://www.daftlydomestic.com/?p=445

  4. Rachael says on :

    Oh my goodness how darling!

  5. Hannah says on :

    He is so cute. I really like that horse… Buny would love it.

  6. Kim says on :

    Adorable! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. KC says on :

    What a cool play space for a little one! 🙂

  8. Melissa says on :

    I don’t know how you get anything done with those rolls right there!

  9. Dianna says on :

    So precious. Love the horse!

  10. mountain girl says on :

    Yeah…the truth is, I DON’T get much done. 🙂