bye, bye, dadda

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David is at the Masters Golf Tournament for his fourth year in a row. He’s setting up the network, supporting the press and media, and getting ready for 16-hour workdays, awesome man.

His birthday is always during Masters, so we had a little celebration the day before he left with a lemon meringue pie (“lemon remain pie,” as Cash calls it) and a homemade goodbye card from the kids. He’ll be 42 when he comes home. šŸ™‚

He’s faking smoking that cigar in the house, BTW–he wouldn’t dare.

Here at home, the adventure has begun. Today the kids had their first day of school after spring break, and Zia had set her alarm to a fire truck blare which went off precisely at 6:30 am. Soon after, I came down to light the wood stove, and got a nice roaring fire which set off the smoke alarm, LOL. It wasn’t even smoky, but the flames licked out and managed to set off the upstairs alarm, which woke up Cash and got our day off to a nice bang.

Besides that, things are going fine. We got more snow, and our deer decoy from the last post is now completely submerged. But it’s not too cold and we have lots of wood–and a good snowplow, unlike our first winter (here and here). And for some reason, umbrellas have been the fad here lately for playing out in the snow.

Caleb worked through all of spring break, which is why there are no pictures of him gallivanting with us. He will be 16 in May, and he’s a big help around the house with hauling wood, washing dishes, taking care of the goats, etc.Ā  This summer he will be in New Mexico, Kentucky, and Germany. I think his time in Germany will be especially awesome, and I’m at least a tiny bit jealous.

Cash recently went through a funny “blueberries and vinegar” stage. I am kind of embarrassed of it, because what mother gives her kid blueberries with vinegar? The (true) story goes that I had a little apple cider vinegar left in my salad bowl one night and threw in some frozen blueberries for dessert, not bothering to dump out the rest of the vinegar. I put some flax meal on top and started eating them, which is when I realized just how much blueberries don’t go with vinegar. Just then Cash came over and asked for a taste. He was absolutely delighted and asked what it was. For the next several days he wanted bowls of blueberries sprinkled with vinegar and flax meal. Thankfully, he has kind of forgotten about it now, ha. Isn’t he hilarious, eating with those gloves? (He just saw that picture and asked for blueberries with vinegar.)

Right now Cash is going through Dadda Withdrawal Syndrome, although he refuses to admit it. Zia used to get it, too, and it’s very sad. He throws a tantrum and won’t stop crying, then regains composure and says, “That baby-cry Dadda–I’m glad he’s not here. He always wants me to rub his back, and says, ‘Cashy, you know what?’ and I say ‘What?’ And he says ‘You my favorite (red-headed boy).’ He always says that. I’m so glad he’s not here.”

And then he hugs the phone and kisses the silly selfies David sends. Hang in there, little boy–life will be back to normal soon.


6 Responses to “bye, bye, dadda”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Love you and Miss you huge. Georgia sends its warmest (today was roasting) southern charm to yous alls in them moun-tains, mmm hmmm, she do.

    I’ll be back in a flash: 2 nights (almost) down, 14 days to go! Huge kisses /:O****

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Cash is sending you loud meows and an “I miss you Daddy-ops!”

  3. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee… made us laugh – love the stories…..the pie looks wonderful. Have a wonderful day…luv u/mom šŸ™‚

  4. mountain girl says on :

    Glad you liked the pics and stories…never a dull moment here, haha. Thankfully no smoke alarms this morning, just a fire truck alarm to keep us all on our toes. šŸ™‚ Love you

  5. Appleshoe says on :

    Well hello there. I’ve been gone to long. Just look how your darlings have shot up! Your stories made me smile. Cash needs to teach Panda to eat. My boy hasn’t touched solid food in three days šŸ™ Zia, you are looking more and more like your mother every day. Be well. Shine.

  6. mountain girl says on :

    So glad you stopped by, Mercy! I couldn’t believe the size of your kids, either, when I visited your blog the other day. Panda must be living on something šŸ˜‰ and Cash has his non-eating days too, believe me. Keep in touch –and I’ll try to do the same!