before the snow

Posted on February 6th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »

Here we are in Boulder last week before the snow hit. It was another perfect day for feeding popcorn to the ducks (and squirrel and crow) and playing on the little playground. I think one of my favorite things about Colorado is the variety of weather in every season.

And then came the snow…

I went snowshoeing and was floundering thigh-deep! In the drifts I was up to my chest. I haven’t seen this much snow in a long, long time.

This strange lumpy white creature is our grill atop the picnic table.

And the jeep, under a blanket. (I also caught the Yeti in the background, but he’s slightly dwarfed by the monster drifts.)

2 Responses to “before the snow”

  1. jodi says on :

    oh my word! That is a massive amount of snow! I will say, Colorado keeps you guys on your toes with the weather. 🙂 it’s beautiful!

  2. mimi says on :

    Zia really is getting TALL .. and so pretty. Mimi