christmas potholders

Posted on January 7th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

Here’s a little something I whipped up for my very sweet and lovely in-laws at Christmastime. I thought learning a bit of embroidery might be fun, so I found a pattern for this oven mitt online. The embroidery was really fun and simple. I liked to cross-stitch when I was a teenager, but now I think I like embroidery even better…the technique is much freer with lots of room for improvisation.

After the mitt was done, I had some extra fabric so I stitched up some matching potholders. They are both red on one side, patterned on the other.

I hope Mom and Dad conjure up some smokin’ hot and spicy enchiladas, carne adovada, calabacitas, and lots of other yummy Santa Fe specialties, with the help of these little handmade gifts!

Zia and I made a cut-paper card to make our little package complete. With lots of sparkly white glitter, the sprinkling of which is Zia’s personal specialty.

Actually, we are still making cards and sending out gifts. When you live in the mountains, I think holidays last quite a bit longer–maybe just as long as you want them to. Just a day or two ago, my neighbor at the end of the road (an eccentric hermit kind of guy with long white hair) wished me a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” while singing merrily to himself (probably Christmas songs) as he unloaded his groceries.

The days and weeks really do run together out here. Gotta love the mountain life…and the one-of-a-kind mountain folk! Whose ranks we are quickly joining.

On that note, Feliz Navidad.

3 Responses to “christmas potholders”

  1. jodi says on :

    I’ve always wanted to learn to embroider well. Your potholders look so great!

  2. Mom, Dad & Makayla says on :

    hi honeeeee……………”WE”, especially dad loves these potholders (now that i’m working); he LOVES that they are BIG – and so far he has made meatloaf; cuz it was cold and he’s been craving it for awhile. the embroidery is beautiful; i used to love to embroider, too. especially, purple and pink flowers! lov u guys! mom

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Glad you and Dad like them! I’d like to see some of your embroidered flowers sometime…