flip ‘n dip

Posted on March 11th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on flip ‘n dip

Zia took her first class ever! For the “flip” (gymnastics) part, she and the other 5 preschoolers did stretching, tumbling, jumping, crawling, swinging, flips, balance beams, and a little rhythm. She had a blast…and she liked the “dip” part even better. It combined some really basic swimming skills with water play, and she jumped right in and made herself at home. From the moment she dipped her toes in, it was pure joy.

It was really fun to watch her in a group of kids, responding to a teacher. Well…sometimes responding…and sometimes doing just the opposite! She doesn’t exactly have the herd mentality yet. Personally, I hope she never does.

She’s looking forward to flippin’ and dippin’ again next week!

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