first day of school

Posted on August 16th, 2016 by mountain girl  |  12 Comments »


It all begins again today–this time (third grade!) with a new teacher, and as always, a few new classmates. Montessori combines grades, so a little band of 1st graders joins the classroom’s higher grades each year.

And this year Zia will go and come home by herself each day. Caleb is still in Germany, but has decided to live with his mom in New Mexico when he returns to the States later this week. It’s a big decision for him, and one that affects all of us in many ways.

I think he is looking forward to a change (he’s been with us five years), and also thinking of the different opportunities living with his mom will present. Through all the different feelings that come with his decision, our overriding sense is that the Lord is guiding and leading all of this, and, somehow, it will all work together for our good–including his.

The little kids took the news with some sadness, but they are resilient and already moving forward into the next thing–which for Zia is the new school year, and for Cash is whatever is in front of him at the moment. He is already telling people he is going to school next year, and he definitely has life by the horns in every other aspect. I might fight to homeschool him, but then again, I might let him run forward and just be there for him to run back to.

Which, come to think of it, stands true for all our kids.

12 Responses to “first day of school”

  1. Mimi says on :

    Yay, ZIA GIRL! Have a good year! Love, Mimi and Papa

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Good job, Zia —- have a really good year and a lot of fun!!! Luv u/ Grandma

  3. Mom & Dad says on :

    P.S. I meant to mention that you look wonderful, Mimi, under the ice cream sign (painted 25 years ago!!! Good job, Mia- love, Lisa

  4. Mimi says on :

    Oh! Thanks Lisa!! Hope you’re having a good summer!

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Nice to see all the little conversations going on with the mothers in law:)

  6. Mom & Dad says on :

    :). Yes, we had a nice and really fast summer – global warming had us in the 90’s for 4 months we don’t usually get that warm for so long….cooling down now! Hope you had a nice summer too. And Mia, honeeeee…we love you ????

  7. Mom & Dad says on :

    Oops — no ????, just !!!! ????

  8. Mom & Dad says on :

    Still the ???? ????

  9. mountain girl says on :

    Haha–that happens to me sometimes, too! I think the emojis sometimes translate as question marks, for some reason???? šŸ™‚

  10. Yanic says on :

    So many big changes… I get you on the homeschooling thing. I wish I could have homeschooled my daughter. but she craves school. I’m still a few years away with my son. Who knows! šŸ™‚

  11. mountain girl says on :

    Yes…maybe just maybe they’ll be “mama’s boys”!

  12. Granny says on :

    Have a great school year Zia. You Look Awesome. Mia, enjoy Cash while you can. Once he starts school next thing you know he will be graduating. Love you all Granny