fall fun, new art, and a visit from “the dentist”

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Zia had her friend Lola over for a sleepover, followed by a visit to Cottonwood Farms in Boulder for a hayride, mazes, and a petting zoo.  A funny story: I was driving them home when we first picked up Lola, and yippee! there in the middle of the road was a big metal clamp, perfect for woodworking.  I parked just down the road and jumped out to get it. When I came back, Zia was looking at the house we had parked in front of. “Lola!” she gasped. “That’s Miss H. and Miss J.J.’s house!” (Two gay ladies who both work at the school.) Lola gasped back, “Oh my God! You mean Miss H. and Miss J.J. are married?” “No!” Zia yelped. “They’re sisters!” “WHAT!” Lola shrieked. “You mean Miss J.J. is a GIRL?????”


Here is our first wood stove fire (last week), and David built another last night. Still no snow, but we’re feeling the nip. I baked enchiladas, banana bread, and three pies between the weekend and this morning, mostly because it warms up the house, haha.


This is an oil painting on beetle kill pine (I hinted at it the other day). It’s almost finished, and is the first in a series I’m working on.


I’m experimenting with background tints, and so far, so good–it’s fun working translucently to showcase that beautiful beetle “art”.  I’m soaking the bark edging in tung oil to preserve it.  It’s much more rough and textural than my tiny detailed animals on aspen wood, but I think it will make a sweet living space display. Or a cutting board. Just kidding–don’t you dare.


David’s friend Dennis came to visit during his ministry sabbatical in the U.S. from Germany. Cash called him “the dentist” for the duration of the visit, and even asked him to brush his teeth (which he did). Dennis helped David through a hard time just before David and I met, and I was really looking forward to meeting him. He is very kind and so, so funny.  We laughed so hard that my whole face hurt by the time he left.




The kids are in school, David is gone for a little while, and Cash and I are going to par-tay. Not really, but we’ll probably tackle this house and get it sparkling. Either that or forget all about it and go for a hike in these crisp, cool mountains. 🙂

4 Responses to “fall fun, new art, and a visit from “the dentist””

  1. Michele says on :

    Nice post! That Buffalo oil painting is SO nice! Love ya, Mimi

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeee….wow the “buffalo” looks like a stained glass art – very pretty….you are beautiful with your hair back – very nice :)??did u see the rail? I lOVE it thanks to DL :). Luv u/mom

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Hi Mom,
    Glad you like the buffalo–the rail is awesome! So glad David could go down and build it–the house is VERY quiet without him, LOL.

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