days with papa and mimi

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Second only to the birth of our baby was the great event of Papa’s and Mimi’s visit. We had almost 10 days with my folks here in the mountains–their first trip to Colorado.

Zia was completely satisfied and happy during the days surrounding her brother’s birth. Mimi had lots of silly time with her–including this moment under the table. She gave her a bath every night and they worked on drawings, numbers, songs and rhymes (favorite song: The Flying Purple People Eater. Leave it to Mimi to sing straight out of the fifties as if it were yesterday.)

Papa was also a great source of entertainment. Zia had wanted to learn to juggle, but in the end she was perfectly happy just watching him juggle. He was probably thankful I didn’t make him do all the tricks he had done for us as kids…standing on his head, walking on his hands, doing front and back flips. This visit really wasn‘t supposed to be the Papa and Mimi show, after all.

Since the baby came just two days after they arrived, most of our time was spent at home. They held Cash, played with Zia, and went walking and running up and down the mountain roads.

We did take them to the Celestial Seasonings Tea Co. in Boulder. It’s such a cool place to visit. They sampled tea and took the free 30-minute tour.

I waited in the Tea Shop with Cash and Zia. This dress is made of tea bags, along with its matching hat, shoes, and purse.

We also hung out at Boulder Creek near the library, and went to see Boulder Falls.

Best of all was just being with them. Although it makes me sad that Zia has had so little time with them in her five years, I know this visit is something she will always remember.

Early Monday morning Papa and Mimi kissed their sleeping grandchildren and headed to the airport…and home to NY.

As much as I’ve loved striking out on my own and growing a family in the mountains with David, I miss having my family nearby. Babies grow up so fast, and with each new one the distance seems to multiply. I’m so glad they could come out for Cash’s birth, and hopefully we will see them again before too long.

11 Responses to “days with papa and mimi”

  1. Lisa Coffee says on :

    I sympathize so much with this post. This is exactly why, after almost 20 years in this beautiful state, we’re heading back east. Time goes so quickly and I’m learning as I get older and have children that my priorities are changing. It’s not only access to the great wide open, but it’s having family close by that I want so much. I hope you’re enjoying your time in bed and are taking it easy. Let me know if you need anything – I’m just down the hill!

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Yes, it’s funny how having kids changes everything, right? And thanks so much for the kind offer…although I am feeling quite well taken care of. šŸ™‚
    I hope your move goes well–is it before or after the baby?

  3. Lisa Coffee says on :

    Oh, we are definitely waiting until after this babe makes his arrival. We’re working with the same midwife that we used with Zinnia and we love, love, love her. The only way we’d go earlier would be if she came too! We’ll probably move at the end of Oct.

  4. Mimi says on :

    Pictures like these always make Papa teary tho’ he holds himself together pretty well! Not like me,the non-crier – but I do enjoy talking gushily to you guys! ha! We will remember these days always! So bitter-sweet! Love, Papa and Mimi

  5. Melissa says on :

    What I wonderful visit! I’m so glad they were able to be there for you and the rest of your family. I don’t know how I’d do if I were that far away from my mother. She’s always been there.

  6. Susan says on :

    Congratulations on your beautiful boy! We’re so happy for you guys. What a cozy home he’s been born into.

  7. Colleen says on :

    Sounds like you had lots of fun! I sympathize with you! My family is in California and only my mom could come out for the birth so most of them have never met Garren! However thank God for computers because we can video chat!!! =)
    I love that last picture of Cash! so peaceful and beautiful!
    How is everything going?
    are you getting much sleep?
    How is Zia taking all of the changes?

  8. Hannah says on :

    From age 5 months until I was 13, we lived away from my grandparents, but only three hours away so visits happened fairly often. I couldn’t be happier that we moved home and I have not only my parents and maternal grandparents living on the same 35 acres as me, but my paternal grandmother and my birth siblings all live within 4 miles of each other!

  9. Your Lion says on :

    Nice try Ladies! Which one’s of Mia’s sisters put you up to it?? Or was it Mimi?

    Only joking, but let me say, DL will never, ever live in NY. I guess I shouldn’t say never.

    Your Lion /:O)

  10. mountain girl says on :

    Ha, ha.
    Ok, I admit I’m not anxious to trade in my blue skies for gray again, either. But maybe we could lasso Mimi and Papa and all those aunties and uncles and bring them here to sweet, sunny Colorado. How ’bout it, kids?

  11. IDA GARDNER/GRANNY says on :

    what a wonderful time to have or parents with you. i really value the 12 years i have heen able to spend with caleb. they have been awesome and i have many pictures. he and i have soooo many fond memories. its very difficult having him gone now but i truly believe God has reasons for everything. i was once told enjoy your children because once they go off to school the time fles.that is so true. congradulations on your great 3 children enjoy them and love them.