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I had a whole list of things to make for Zia’s birthday as soon as I leafed through Oliver + S Little Things to Sew. But I had to be realistic. If I didn’t pick just one or two projects, I’d be completely overwhelmed. Besides, the library (for whatever reason) won’t allow renewals of that sweet book, so my time was limited.

When I sat down and thought about it, I decided on this backpack. There’s something about a kid-size backpack that’s so fun and practical, especially when it’s loaded with favorite treasures and lugged around everywhere. This one will be loaded with toy horses, I predict…and lugged around everywhere. And after Tuesday, it will probably have chocolate ice cream stains on it.

The Oliver + S version features a backpack stylized into a penguin. It’s pretty cute, but I wanted something more along the lines of the Indian princess dress I had already made. I picked up a Southwestern-looking remnant at the fabric store, found some yellow calico in my stash for a lining, and used what was left of the rawhide trim from the Indian dress.

I love working with Oliver + S patterns, and this one was no different. It was clear and simple, with good instructions and drawings. The only tiny hangups I had with the process were 1) I accidentally bought a separating zipper instead of a closed-end zipper, and 2) I had a hard time finding the 1 1/2″ strap adjusters at my local fabric shop.

But I stitched up the end of the zipper into the casing and that solved that. David found the strap adjusters online for under $3 including shipping, and they came in just a couple of days.

The backpack is a simple design with one zipper, a hanger strap at the top, and adjustable shoulder straps. There is a single divided pocket inside. I love the simplicity of it all; pop in your stuff, zip it up, slip it on, and away you go.

I guess my Indian girl will head into the woods and come back with her bag filled with rocks, sticks, and pieces of the forest. Today she brought me a pocketful of mushrooms and told me they were for my birthday, but I could have them early. I was thrilled, of course. I love that she gives me things from her heart.

And this little backpack is straight from my heart to you, Almost Five-Year Old Who Loves Chocolate Ice Cream Cones.

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  1. Lisa Coffee says on :

    What a sweet backpack! Nice work Mama. The library won’t allow renewals if someone else has placed a hold on the book – happens to me all the time so I end up buying my favorite sewing books after I pay their worth in late fees. Oh well!

  2. jodi says on :

    That’s perfect! I think kid sized backpacks might be one of my favorite things ever. I love that print too. Zippers give me the hardest of times…I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get them just right.

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