log splitter at the county fair

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We went to the county fair last weekend, and David signed up for the log-splitting contest. He went against all the other young and wiry mountain men of yonder and yore hill country, who probably split wood as often as they brush their teeth. Which actually may not be very often, after all.


Five of them qualified for the finals, including David. He ended up beating all of them with his time of 1 minute 13 seconds except for last year’s champion, who sneakily propped all the logs in a row on the ground instead of setting them up on other logs like everyone else. His strategy was that he didn’t have to waste precious time picking up the fallen logs and setting them up again. Tricky.


But I guess second place isn’t really that bad. šŸ˜‰


We watched and cheered from the bleachers, and the kids somehow devoured this huge fried dough.


Zia bought a zebra-design PVC bow with three wooden, Styrofoam-tipped arrows. She’s been honing her shot ever since. How do you like that cool, collected, practicing-for-a-teenager face? Just trying not to look like her wildly grinning mother, I’m sure.


During the log splitting, Cash got bored and climbed the bleachers. He charmed some people into letting him “borrow” a bag of popcorn–like he needed it after that fried dough, haha. He seemed to be the life of the party when I found him there.


It was chilly at the fair, and it’s been downright cold and wet this week. Yesterday we got this lovely white coating over everything. It was just hail, though, which somehow seems so much better than snow in August. :):):)


But at 37 degrees, I’m not sure it matters whether it’s snow or hail, and this morning David built our first wood stove fire. It was verrrrrrrry cozy and he gets lots of props for it–especially since he split the logs himself, and most likely in record time. šŸ™‚

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  1. Mimi says on :

    OK! We watched “The Man” hacking mightily away at the wood and enjoyed every minute. Wow! Papa had his serious “lumberjack” look on his face while watching..heheehe…..like he was getting into it a little. Oh, to be a man. Sure looks like it was a fun day! I like your arrow earrings and Zia and Cash must have had a blast! Love ya, Mimi