fun (and work) on four-wheels

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With all the excitement of preparing for our four-legged friends, I haven’t mentioned a four wheeled arrival.  Our 1988 Nissan plow truck that came with the house broke in December. We shoveled the first few big snows after that by hand, then got a quad.


We brought it home and I got to be the first driver, backing it off the trailer and vrooming up the hill to the house.  Since then it’s been David’s baby, but just you wait till my shoulder heals and I can drive that thing.  Just kidding–I will have a couple of caprine babes by then and probably won’t be interested in wheels for a while.


The quad was a Craigslist find, new in the box.  I didn’t want to buy something new, and pushed for getting an “old junker” trunk and driving it till it died.  David doesn’t roll that way, and I have no complaints.  Since being with him, I’ve never driven another junker or had another car quit on me.  I have my pre-marriage Dodge Omni stories of climbing in and out of the window after the door handle quit working, having the axle drop out from under me while driving, having the windows implode (who knows why), and finally, having the engine catch fire while I was in a college class.  I returned at lunch to find it surrounded by firemen and completely hosed (in more than one way).


Despite my balking at another vehicle to make payments on, I’m really glad David got this.  It’s been great for plowing, carrying building materials, goat supplies, etc.  Besides that, he takes Cash out on it and leaves me by myself for a few minutes.  Of course, I can’t help taking pictures the whole time, so I don’t really enjoy the full effect of a quiet house.  Still, capturing those boys-driving-motored-thing faces is well worth it.







We’ve been getting more snow these past few days and are so glad we have a plow!

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  1. Mimi says on :

    We love your little four-wheeler! Wow! It looks futuristic! You guys look good driving it – bet the kids love it! Cash is so cute with the floppy hat.