apple pie night

Posted on October 9th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »

My boy (the big one) had a hankering for apple pie. So, for the very first time in our new house, out came the rolling pin and pie tins.

I love making apple pies. I’ve done it since I was kid, when I used to make 12 or 14 pies on a Friday night, then take them to the farmers’ market in the morning. The money I would rake in was well worth the hours of work and the price of ingredients.

Even if I didn’t love making pies now, I would still do it…

just to see this face afterwards. He even braved the mountain lions and bears to go to town after dark for vanilla ice cream (and made it back safely).

Still, nothing quite compares to hearing – after the first bite – “Mama, you make the best pie in the world.” Especially coming from a 4-year old who has never had anyone else’s pie.

3 Responses to “apple pie night”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    HAHA you found one of the few ways to make me smile… and raised eyebrow to boot! Your pies are the BEST!!! MMM-HMMMMM-MMMMMMMMMM Yuummmmmy! /:O)

  2. 3 amigos says on :

    helloooo honeeeee…………anytime u would like to come visit is fine (bring recipes) 🙂 hadn’t seen DVL smile in awhile; he’s usually serious faced :/ i think i can smell the pie right here 🙂 beautiful lil bebee, too 🙂 luv u/mom

  3. mimi says on :

    Just caught up on all the new and older blogs……I really like what you’re doing with 5 in a Row and I remember having that now, tho’ I didn’t do much with it. All the pics are just fantastic and I love the peeking eyes over the apple pie (Zia). Tell Caleb I really enjoyed his illustration of the “Bucy”. Very good. I’m glad David enjoys your pies (they ARE delicious)! Mimi