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Somehow June slipped by without a single peep from me in this space. David went to Pittsburgh in the beginning of June for 2 1/2 weeks to work the U.S. Open. The kids and I had planned to go with him, but I wasn’t well enough, so we stayed home and had a quiet half-a-month without him. It was actually a good, restful time, and we enjoyed every bit of the beginning of summer. I took lots of pictures, and here are some of them.


Watercolor egg cartons.


Playing at Barker Resevoir in Nederland.


The rich lady and her dog. šŸ™‚


“Dr. Luizious Chub” inspecting a Stellar’s Jay feather.


Pasque flowers–medicinal, but only in very tiny quantities. Otherwise, poisonous.


Zia’s new loft!Ā  David built it in the upstairs bedroom rafters, and it’s so nice for her to have her own space. All her tiny Shopkins and figurines are finally safe from the clutches of Dr. Luizious.


The rope ladder, which Dr. Chub has not yet learned to climb.


But he has his own happy place, too–Zia’s previous corner and bed.




Boulder Creek


and the nearby park.



Hiking in the forest above Barker Reservoir.



Our last June wood fire–though the first of July almost made us light another. Mostly, June was VERY warm. It was actually over 80 up here more than once! Down in the valley, of course, was even warmer. It hit about a hundred one day when we were in Boulder. That day was 120 degrees in Pittsburgh where David was.


My latest bear carving, for a customer in Bear, Delaware. šŸ™‚



Giant flowers at Hobby Lobby.


Sending a photo to David from the Hobby Lobby restroom.


Playing at the park down the road from our house.



Trying to fatten myself up with homemade cashew cheesecake, LOL. Seriously. I haven’t noticed that it’s working yet, but I’ve been through three cheesecakes in about a week. (Not by myself, of course.)


Playing at Johnny Roberts park in Arvada. They play disc golf (with frisbees) there, so we had to watch our heads everywhere we went. These tress were a pretty safe spot.


Coldstone Creamery.


Waxy presents from Dadda. šŸ™‚


Going for a ride in the Mustang.


Zia baked her first cake!


Hope you’re having a good summer. I’ll try to blog a little more this month than last. šŸ™‚

7 Responses to “photos of june”

  1. Kim says on :

    Life looks good in your part of the world šŸ™‚

  2. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee….. Thanks !!!!!! We love the pix – your hair looks beautiful with red and gold highlights, those lil ones and those goats have sure gotten big šŸ™‚ :). Everything looks great (cashew cheesecakes) and we are very happy u are feeling better!!! Luv u/mom

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Hi Mom,
    Thanks for your nice comments–glad you hadn’t given up on checking my blog, haha. Sorry for such a long silence–love you and miss you!

  4. Mimi says on :

    So nice to hear from you on the blog again……you look very good and the kids do too! LOVE the wax lips that David sent the kids hahaha. Your hair turned out so NICE! Great pics of everyone and the new, special places for the kids look very accommodating! David did a nice job on Zia’s loft! Zia’s first cake looks good! The maple sapling the boys planted when they were here is still ALIVE! I gave it up for dead (even tho’ I stayed positive for WEEKS )We watched all the leaves slowly curl up and fall off but Papa held on for it and I just now went out and little green buds are at the tips! WOW.

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Wow! I am so glad about the maple! It must have just been a little shocked. My hair has faded a little (the dark roots) and I like it better. The kids like their new places, but Cash has his eye on that loft, and he’s steadily getting a little farther up the ladder.

  6. Granny and gramps says on :

    Beautiful pics. The kids are soo big and so good looking. I too love your beautiful hair. Have missed the blog but your recovery is more important. Get well. Love Granny

  7. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Granny!