leaving colorado

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We’re moving! The past month has been fast and furious, and we can hardly believe it ourselves, but we are bidding Colorado adieu for a new life in North Carolina.


I’ve probably never mentioned how much I love Colorado (har har) and the Rocky Mountains, and our sweet, sweet home…so when David first looked into working at IBM in Raleigh, I practically groaned.


But it’s funny how an idea can grow on you, and after a trip to Raleigh just over a week ago, we have all thoroughly warmed to the thought.


We gave away our goats (remember that post?) after David accepted the job offer. We’ve sorted through everything in our house, and given away several loads of clothes, books, toys, etc. I also put my Etsy shop on Vacation Mode until the middle of April so we can move and get settled.


Custom otter necklace I carved last week.


We found a house to rent, about 40 minutes from David’s new job. It’s in a suburban neighborhood and will be a good place for the kids to play and for us to get to know the area.


Our newly rented home-to-be in Fuquay-Varina, NC.


Our new porch and little patch of Carolina earth.


Friday we listed our home for sale. Within an hour of listing, we had a showing scheduled, and then five more. We received a full price offer after the first showing, and our house went under contract less than 24 hours after listing. Woo-hoo!



And boo-hoo. It’s not every day you get to live in a house in the clouds!


I’ve really loved the beauty here that saturates us from all directions. Although David and I have been very isolated living and working at home in the mountains, this past nearly-seven years in Colorado will always be a source of amazing memories for our family.


The Continental Divide, from a vantage point of 9700 ft.–just above where we live.


But we are ready for adventure, and we feel that God is definitely moving us into this new time, place, and season of our lives. It’s exciting to watch Him orchestrate the details of this move, from the job and all its opportunities, to the new house, to the sale of our own home here. IBM is even paying our moving expenses and sending movers to pack and ship our belongings! It all feels rather cush.


We did work our little bottoms into shape, though, getting the house ready to show. We are living in a very, very neat house right now, and I haven’t even let Cash ride his tricycle in the house this weekend. I get lots of unforgiving glares these days. šŸ˜‰


The move is happening so fast that it’s hard to say goodbye to many of our friends in Colorado. But on Friday, we got to see Kristine, our midwife for Cash. He has grown a little since their first meeting, haha.


Zia is on spring break from school, and she won’t be going back. It was a little sad for her to say goodbye to her friends and teachers, but she’s excited about the move, and there are a lot of good, progressive schools in our new surroundings. I know we’ll find one that is right for us.


See you east of the Mississippi!

















8 Responses to “leaving colorado”

  1. Karen says on :

    I’ve only commented a time or two, but I have enjoyed following your blog, Mia. With hopes that you might teach another art class in Boulder! as it’s just up the road from me. Best of luck to you in your new home!

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Karen!

  3. Mimi says on :

    Gorgeous pics to remember Colorado by – nice one of Cash and Kristine…..you and David look so nice and Zia! How grown up she is…..guess this is “thumb twiddling ” time. lol

  4. Jamie says on :

    What an amazingly quick sale of your house! Wow! Best wishes in your transition to your new home.

  5. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Jamie!

  6. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee…LOVE your pix yup, those lil ones are beautiful and so big šŸ™‚ we are so excited for you on your new adventure-we love you/mom and dad Glad we got to see Colorado with all of you) šŸ™‚

  7. mountain girl says on :

    We are glad you got to see Colorado, too! You’ll have to come visit us in a much warmer place…we are all excited and ready to go!

  8. Granny says on :

    I AM SOOO glad I got to see your beautiful Colorado home and hope someday I will get to see your beautiful home in N.C. Thank you soo much for sharing this blog. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Seeing all Of you even on the blog keeps me up on how you are doing and how the children are growing, and adapting.Hugs to all Granny