big brother is home

Posted on August 15th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  9 Comments »

Big brother Caleb is home. He’s taller, beefier, and a summer older and wiser. He’s 5’7″ now, and he came home wearing size 13 tennis shoes. It’s no wonder he was a little surprised at how tiny his new brother is!

Zia is in her glory. She’s been flitting around like a little butterfly, in and out of Caleb’s room, bringing him little gifts she’s saved up for him. The house is filled with her drawings as she produces Indians, horses, papooses, cats and dogs almost nonstop for Caleb.

Our kids are finally all here together. They are so different in shape, size, and personality–yet bound together by a common cord: our love for them.

9 Responses to “big brother is home”

  1. Melissa says on :

    Oh melt!!! I love seeing older sibling with younger ones. So sweet! I’m so glad everyone is together.

  2. Hannah says on :

    Now, all is right with your world! Sweet pictures!

  3. GRANNY says on :

    that is one of the most beautiful pictures ive ever seen,Caleb and Cssh and caleb, cash and zia. I think there will be a definite bond there. I know DL thinks im crazy but the tears of joy are streaming down my face. What a lovely family!!!!!Im thrilled for all of you. love you all, granny

  4. Your Lion says on :

    Granny crying? Who ever heard such a thing? He’s not a little boy anymore, huh?


  5. Auntie Patricia says on :

    Mi Cielo, you and your new brother are precious. I love the way you are looking at him. I love you so much.
    I pray that God Will Bless all of you.
    Auntie patricia

  6. Mimi says on :

    Two handsome Lucero boys! Love, Mimi

  7. mom and dad says on :

    hi honeeee……….WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY:):):) makes my heart sing we are so happy for u guys; have to see that lil guy soon šŸ™‚ so when are u coming???? anytime is good šŸ™‚ keep resting šŸ™‚ and we luv u guys to the moon!!!!:) mom

  8. mom and dad says on :


  9. mountain girl says on :

    Hopefully we’ll see you before he gets TOO big…besides, I think David is about due for some real New Mexican food. (He was so desperate we ate at Taco Bell yesterday–horror of horrors.)