snow and celebrations

Posted on April 17th, 2015 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »


With 24 inches of snow outside our door, I thought I’d relive some recent warm, happy days.  Not that snow makes us unhappy, of course.  To take up the mantra of Coloradans everywhere, We need the moisture.  Which is definitely true.


I made a vegan cashew cheesecake for David’s welcome home/birthday celebration.  It was super yummy (and I always eat too much of it).


The kids also made chocolate-dipped strawberries while waiting for him to drive home from the airport Monday night.



The resident goat herder, on one of our warmer days.



Zia had her birthday celebration at school, waaay early…her birthday is in summertime, so they pick a random day during the school year to celebrate it.


She asked me to make another horse head cake–I think this is her fourth or fifth year going strong with that cake pan. At least we got our money’s worth out of it. 🙂


Zia is studying Thailand for her International Country research project. These are the informational poster boards she’s been working on.




Last night the kids and I hung out in the basement with the goats, watching the snow fall outside.  The goats are always happy for a cozy rendezvous in the hay pile–and so is Cash.



I went for a walk this afternoon and took some photos of the snow. This is taken looking down our driveway–our retired snowplow rests in peace about halfway down.


The side of our house, from the the road.  This is very zoomed in–you really can hardly see it from the road.


A selfie taken on the upper part of our road, about a mile from our house.  It was t-shirt weather by the time I got up there.



Snow or no, gotta love these beautiful, wild mountains we live in!  (Although I admit–I’m starting to long for warm, windy hikes and columbine season.)

How is spring in your part of the world?  Got snow?

4 Responses to “snow and celebrations”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Aaaaannndd the strawberries and cheesecake are all gone, courtesy of yours truly /:O) YUMMMMY

  2. Mimi says on :

    Nice food pics…summery..hahaha and ALL THAT SNOW! Glad it’s still T-shirt weather though!!!! The kids look so cute and Zia’s report! Very good. Cash looks a little like Caleb (hay pile pic) Love, Mimi

  3. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeee…. Yup! Nice pix and yummy cheesecake, Zia’s report is very very nice, too – Cashey does look like Caleb – brings back good memories 🙂 – luv u mom

  4. Robin says on :

    So much snow! We have snow in the woods but it’s melting fast now. It’s deep and granular and worked its way into my boots while I plowed through the trees this afternoon. I have vowed to not complain about the heat in 2015.

    The cheesecake and cake look yummy!