Martha, Martha, Mary and Ed

Posted on October 29th, 2008 by mountain girl  |  Comments Off on Martha, Martha, Mary and Ed

Today upstate New York got dumped on with snow, but here in Kansas City, it was a beautiful day. That’s why I don’t live in NY anymore. Well, come to think of it, that’s one of many reasons I don’t live there. 

For me, today was also a nice busy day. Martha would have been proud of me, (Martha, Lazarus’ sister…but maybe Martha Stewart, too). Mary would have just shaken her head sadly.

Here’s a peek at the fruit of my labors:

a batch of blended raw smoothies (my breakfasts to last for the week) fermented 8 hours and divided into single serving portions….a half gallon of raw milk yogurt started…my daily jar of raw milk kefir started, and yesterday’s finished…a 2-gallon batch of kombucha started (and the rest of the last batch bottled)…2 flats of alfalfa sprouts started…a nice big bowl of sprouted almonds started…a very large pan of layered red chile beef enchiladas made for dinner (and leftovers to last for a week!)…a smaller pan of rolled red chile vegetarian enchiladas (sprouted tortillas dipped in raw sesame oil and stuffed with homemade herbed raw/goat yogurt cheese, fresh spinach and tomatoes, all slathered in warm red chile sauce – unbaked, needless to say). Delish, needless to say…a bowl of fresh guacamole for dinner…and finally, a pile of dirty dishes that looked like New Orleans after Katrina hit. All the while entertaining and distracting and playing with and nursing and loving a very cute little girl. So you get the picture of today. I don’t really have a photo to post, though I would like one of the kitchen before I cleaned it.

Zia and I did get out for a 45-minute walk around 3 pm, when the bulk of everything was finished. SO lovely out…T-shirt weather!

Today was trash day, and this week my trash filled a ziplock sandwich bag. I would have had less, but I like to bake fresh pumpkins this time of year (which is why Zia says “mmmm!” when she sees a jack-o-lantern!) and I had a pumpkin peel to dispose of. I wasn’t sure if I could compost cooked veggies, so it went in the ziplock. (I’ve since checked with Ed,and it seems cooked compost is fine. Sorry, Ed. Next time I’ll compost my pumpkin peel.)

I artfully dressed my zippy in a lovely yellow Dollar General bag so the trash men would see it and pick it up. Zippy looked quite snappy sitting there next to her giant recycle-bin brother awaiting her landfill destination, like a little girl waiting for the school bus on her first day of school…..but the trash men ignored my tiny trash again! How insulting! Do they want large bags? You would think they’d be happy to get a little ziplock of trash, as opposed to the gigantic 50-gallon bags we used to use in order to fit our trash into the 2-bag limit. Maybe I need to start buying packing peanuts to put around my ziplock so it fills a normal trash bag. What do you think, Ed? What do they do out there in Hollywood, or wherever you live?

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