a few things I’m loving

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My morning workout. It only takes a few minutes (maybe five?) but consistently done, the results are evident. I’m starting on my third round of the 30-day arm challenge, staying with 10 lb. weights and this time doubling the number of sets. I love the results, and it’s so easy to fit into each day.  I’ve also started a core challenge, which is just as quick and does not include sit-ups or crunches (yay!) The philosophy is that to actually strengthen your abs deeply–and not just the surface muscles–you should keep your abs firm and move your limbs around them, just like real life requires. Crunches do the opposite: you are curling your abs up, and giving in to movement rather than resisting.  I really love feeling my body grow strong, especially after a year of strained muscles in my back, neck, and shoulders due to not strengthening them enough.  I see a butt challenge in my future. 😉


This almond-flour pie crust. David is partial to my pie crusts, and for him to give the thumbs up to a new (flourless) one is a big deal. It is an easy and healthy switch, and it graced our first pumpkin pie of the season. Caleb has gone GF, which gives me a great excuse to gently wean wheat out of our household.  Also loving: these a-ma-zing salt and pepper crackers. They just came out of the oven and I’m trying to make them last till Zia’s soup-making event at school tonight.

The art I’m making on beetle kill pine lately. I’ve begun a series of paintings I will show you soon–promise.


This pair of Minnetonka moccasin boots which I’ve finally broken in, with the help of about ten Band-Aids on the inside seams and a pair of foam heel snugs I randomly came across at T.J. Maxx.  Or maybe not so randomly, since I had just prayed that morning about how to make the boots work out for me.  I know that seems like a trite request–but obviously He cares about the tiniest details of life.  Once I had heel snugs, I no longer felt like I was walking on the back of the boot. They are quite comfy and minimalist-feeling and I hear they can last for decades.  Mostly I really love it that the fringe flaps around when I walk.


Maskcara’s makeup tutorials, especially this quickie and also this one (nose sculpting!) Here’s me with a sculpted nose, LOL. This is what I do in my free time–forget the housework.


Our amazing fall weather, though it’s worrying some of us. We’re having beautiful, balmy days, no snow, and (yikes) no rain. There are still some gold-cloaked aspens on our land–which I am sure must be breaking some kind of record.

The Bible study method I’ve been doing this year (found on the right sidebar of this site), which uses different colors to highlight different subjects. I don’t care so much about having a color-coded Bible as I do about the fact that it keeps me mindful of what I am reading, and constantly making decisions about what is being said.  I am using the S.O.A.K. method of reading through each book.  You read a chapter a day, write down one verse (S for Scripture) that stands out to you, write down an observation about it (O), write down how you might apply it to your life (A, Application), and then pray over it (K for Kneeling in prayer). It is a simple, practical way to make God’s word a living part of your life, and it gets to the heart of the matter very quickly.

My kids, of course. Caleb is doing great at his job, and he seems to like it (money in the hand helps). 😉 He has made enough for a season ski pass and has bought himself a used guitar amp–you go, boy. His employers just told him they like him so much they want him to be one of their very few slow-season employees. Woo-hoo!


My little Zia went on a field trip yesterday to pick veggies on a farm, and dropped a heavy trailer handle on her big toe. Ouchie-wawa. There was blood, lots of it, and the toenail is quite colorful, but we are all thankful it wasn’t worse.  She has some very devoted and helpful friends and she came hopping home with four bags of vegetables.


Cash is taking on a very lion-like personality these days and roars at unsuspecting passersby. If anyone bothers Zia (or even if they don’t) he growls, “Don’t you touch my girl,” and often prefaces a sentence about her with “My best friend, Zia….” We dropped her off at school this morning and he ran around telling complete strangers the story of the trailer handle that dropped on her toe, with lots of full-arm motions and expressive facial contortions. They were all in awe, and probably didn’t understand a word.


Deer meat. I’m not sure if I’m loving it, but this would be a good time to start. On the road this morning, the car right in front of us smacked a doe head-on. The poor dear died almost instantly, and the shaken person drove off. David called the sheriff for a carcass permit and is currently skinning and de-boning the doe.  We’ll have a freezer full of grass-fed meat and a deerskin to make something cool from.

7 Responses to “a few things I’m loving”

  1. Mimi says on :

    Well! Very newsy this time!!! I’ll have to go back over it all tomorrow. Your muscles look fine and dandy – VERY impressive to me , tho’ Papa can’t seem to see the difference. Hehe. Poor Zia’s toe! Glad about how they like Caleb at work and the pic of David and the deer grabbed Papa’s attention with a little envy ,I think. Cash is so cute defending the big sister! I’ll play the face vids tomorrow – they look like fun! Nice booties! I’ll have to try the non gluten flour sometime…got to. The pies look great.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Glad you liked the pics–Happy Anniversary today!

  3. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeeee…always glad to see you and the lil ones – you look wonderful and makes me miss u very much :). Remembering the yummy pie ! U know our thoughts on that deer :(. But that DL always making us antsy :). We luv u / mom (glad Caleb is working and liking his job/glad they like him,too)

  4. mountain girl says on :

    The deer was actually pre-tty tasty. 🙂 We had Japanese rice noodle bowls–not too bad. Miss you too–is it getting cold there? We had a frost this morning, and our very first wood stove fire. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeee.. This has been our first “not exactly cold, but a little chilly – sweater weather”. We had “tornado winds” last night and the trees dropped their first leaves. I’m not complaining, but it feels a little weird, wonder what winter will be like?????…..The Capshaw Falcons will be playing for championship tomorrow – wow these games are pretty intense:). I miss you and luv u/mom

  6. granny says on :

    I am a great believer in exercise and am very impressed with your motivation as well as your bible reading. Taking care of body and soul is great Mia. OUCH Zia, that must of really hurt. Sorry for the pain. Cash is such a little funny guy. He cracks me up. David looks pretty impressive skinning that deer. Caleb, Im soooo proud of you first for taking care of your health and for the great job you have. Keep up the good work. They know a good guy when they see one lol. I’m just a bit partial ha. Love you all

  7. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks Granny!