wild child turned beauty queen….and back again

Posted on December 15th, 2008 by mountain girl  |  4 Comments »


For months I’ve been trying to get Zia to let me clip her hair back into a barrette to get it out of her face. The girl has stubbornly resisted all my efforts, and crawls around happily peering through the chestnut curtain that reaches to her lips, looking for all the world like Mowgli.

Until, of course, it was her idea to wear a barrette. It was such a great idea, she had to find another one…..and another, and another. Each time I clipped one on, she admired herself in the mirror with a huge grin, and went to find a new one (I had bought quite a few, trying to find one she’d put up with.)

She wore the barrettes all day. But the next day the magic had worn off- and Mowgli returned.

4 Responses to “wild child turned beauty queen….and back again”

  1. Rosie says on :

    What a sweet little girl you have!

  2. Mom says on :

    hi honey………….what a cutie!!!!! and thanks a million for the painting 🙂 we don’t realize what we have until we can touch it or see it through someone else’s eyes and the bags are really neeeet – the cherry one is really pretty and GLAD u won a bottle – what happened to the “green” sweepstakes on the TODAY show – i know u woulda won that one 🙂 luv/MOM

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Mom!

    Glad you liked the painting!

    Yes, the green contest…..hmm, I did check it out, but thought surely someone else would win the prize and be “greener” than me! Probably should’ve given it a try anyway….you never know…

    We love Zia’s nesting dolls and the books have bee-ooo-tee-ful illustrations! The kind you just stare at and DRINK in! until she gets bored and demand you turn the page! haha!

  4. Mom says on :

    Hi Honey……………..Makayla went thru the books, too and said: Wow, what if Auntie Mia painted these pictures? I told her u COULD – she loves to paint and color, too 🙂 have a nice day give lil Zia a kiss – yayayaya we are mailing your box today 🙂 luv u/MOM