the jungle within

Posted on October 19th, 2008 by mountain girl  |  8 Comments »

Ok, here goes. My very first post. This is a blog about ME……my life, inside and out. My perpetual state of outlandish thoughts (while in a very inlandish state), my very own creations and crazy concoctions, my pad and peeps, hopes and mopes (but no dopes), wild dreams, ridiculous fears, artistic smears, etc, etc. Welcome to the lion-inhabited jungle of my midwestern homesteading homemaking life. Welcome to Poco Mountain Girl!

8 Responses to “the jungle within”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Hey Mia! Your blog sounds like it’s going to be awesome!!! Hang on for this adventure!!!! Schmoochies to my girlies!!! ROOOOAAAAARRRR!

  2. Mimi says on :

    Oh, hi there Beauty,
    This is your mother speaking… there a concoction for once-upon-a-time blondes??? I like your pics and Papa likes your mother experiments. Mimi Mermaid

  3. Mountain Girl says on :

    Hi Mimi Mermaid,
    Here’s the potion for blonde chicks:
    (This Pioneer Thinking site is great for all kinds of other tips and tricks, too, so you might want to pop it in your Favorites!)

    Guess lemon juice and sunshine works just as well now as when you were in high school, huh? Probably better, now that we have the addition of 3 or 4 decades of ozone depletion!

    PS. Don’t rule out beets and carrots! Aren’t most mermaids supposed to have red hair, anyway?

    Your poco rojo

  4. Mimi says on :

    Hi little Red!
    We LOVE your poco rojo mountain blogs! I will get on the blonde site soon…..Rae was over yesterday and we had a great laugh about the mergirl…..and all that she is! We liked your pic of trash and told the Northeasterners about it. The bags you make are so nice -I wish I knew you when I had a little redheaded girl of my own and you could’ve made a bag for her little things.Papa says you’re a funny little girl! I’m SO glad I homeschooled you! Or do you think it’s just in the genes? Ok- over and out! love,Mimi of the mountain…..I’m a mountain mermaid (hee hee)

  5. 3 amigos says on :

    hello………….finally found your blog – VERY INTERESTING – and what a beautiful little girl! K-tea, i don’t know………..:) (i remember quite a FEW years ago, we had a recipe for this at work, but as u know we never tried it HAHAHAHAHA) we think you should be a writer, as well as an artist, cuz u do very good work! and we love u all very much! keep blogging:)oh, do have a ton of snails? We did from the neighbor’s composting 🙂 3rd amigo(a) LOVES those ! Now, I have to make enchiladas cuz u made everybody hungry! lol / 3 amigos / Santa Fe 🙂

  6. Mountain Girl says on :

    Hi Mom! Glad you find me an interesting blogger….even with all my funny concoctions! Was wondering what you thought of the goat-cheese enchiladas…yikes, I’ve probably defiled your tried and true ancient and original wonderful new mexican enchilada recipe….oh no!:) But as long as I can make the original to David’s satisfaction, maybe my strange variations don’t matter….
    Hmmm…snails? I don’t know, but that’s a good question. I haven’t been brave enough to check WHAT I’ve got living in that compost! I heard 3rd Amiga is a bride for halloween…..well, that’s better than a bridezilla, anyway…take care, I’ll try to post more pics of your little honey soon! She sends kisses…she can blow them now!
    Love u

  7. 3 amigos says on :

    Hello Honey! goat-cheese ehcniladas, i’m not sure but we SURE LOVED goat cheese with pancake syrup YUMMY!!!! can’t find it too much anymore- the goat cheese at the Farmers Market is real goaty (?)…David loves your enchiladas so that is really good! A lady i know said she makes white cheese out of milk, u know how to do that? Maybe u can get a lil goat and make us cheese ? i sure have a lot of projects for your SPARE time, don’t I? we send love and kisses, kiss my honey on her head for us /MOM

  8. Mountain Girl says on :

    David always talks about the goat cheese with syrup he used to eat! (He won’t touch goat cheese now- maybe if he had it with syrup again he would eat it?) I would definitely make cheese for you if I had a little goat! Sometime when we’re in NM again I want to go to South Mountain Dairy They make cheese and yogurt from the goats they raise. I’m sure Zia would love to pet some cute little goats!