tiny horsies

Posted on May 28th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »


May 10 was Caleb’s ninth birthday, and his gift from me was this little mare and her pinto foal. Zia fell in love with them while I was making them, and constantly begged to hold them. (Do most girls go horse crazy before they’re even two?)

She still keeps those little horses in her memory, and suddenly out of the blue will say, “Tay-web (Caleb)…teeny hoishies!” as she pinches her thumb and forefinger together to accentuate teeny.

Of course, that made my mamma heartstrings twang like Rodney Atkins’ guitar, and I had to make her a horse of her own (the first of many, I’m sure).

Here he is – a little dapple gray percheron. (Both horse photos are slightly larger than life.)



Her little face looked like a moonbeam hit it when I gave her the finished horse.

I have the best job in the whole world.

2 Responses to “tiny horsies”

  1. Mimi says on :

    I love all the sculptures……and as always there just aren’t words for the little redheaded carpenter…..David did a great job on the fence – everything is really looking nice there……the boys and I think the little house is SO cute! I saw your composter too. Soon we’ll get to actually see her in person! And what about My own redhead and the blessed Dadda! Can’t wait!!!!!!! Love, Mama

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Mimi, we can’t WAIT to see you too…and someone is especially very excited about seeing those 2 little doggies!