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March came in like a lamb up here on the mountain!  Whether or not that’s a good thing, we thoroughly enjoyed it. 🙂


Pierogi and Pippa, munching alfalfa.  Where is Waldo-tine?


The inside of my clay bowl–still drying.  I can’t think of anything I’d rather see hiding under my salad than a goat, hehe.


Valentine.  Yesterday Cash brought me the box of valentine cards that Zia’s classmates had given her, and asked me what was inside.  “Zia’s valentines,” I told him. “Yeah!” he said happily, “And where are my Pierogies?”


When life gives you snow, WEAR OUT your snow pants.


This morning I set breakfast on the table and Cash said, “It’s like a birthday!”  Haha.  Bacon, a blueberry pancake, and bean & cheese burritos–just like a birthday.  Love that boy.


It’s snowing again, but that’s okay.  We have three new pairs of snow pants to wear out, wood to carve, clay to shape, canvas to paint, and goats to play with.  Not to mention an amazing God, a good place to live, and kids who see birthdays in breakfast.


How is your March shaping up?

2 Responses to “march!”

  1. Robin says on :

    I love the salad bowl!

    I think you must be living right when kids can wear out snow pants. That’s not easy to do.

  2. Wendy McDonagh-Valentine says on :

    Such a wonderful post!! I love your photos and your goats!! You can tell it’s been a great winter when your snow pants are worn out!! : )

    ~ Wendy