a little hillbilly sunshine in the house

Posted on April 15th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  5 Comments »

As a kid, I always had a kind of closeness with nature and the outdoors. I remember lying on a bed of pine needles for hours at a time, looking up into the outstretched arms of some great tree, studying the bark patterns on the trunk and listening to the wind whistling through the branches. I assigned names to all my favorite trees, and even thought of them as having distinct personalities.

I had my share of secret hideouts, from summer reading spots to tiny garden plots (which never seemed to really grow anything past the sprout stage). I built forts and houses out of sticks, complete with rocks and tree stumps for tables and chairs.

I remember racing alongside streams, trying to keep my eyes glued on a certain “piece” of water, to see how fast it was actually moving. I opened countless seed pods, fascinated by the layers of natural packaging, including little wings to help them scatter to the four winds.

Whether I was happy or sad, energetic or tired, I could always find some spot outside that was just the place for me at any given time. Places of creativity, inspiration, solace or comfort; trysting places with friends or siblings, or just a place to be alone.

As an adult, things have and haven’t changed. I’m still the same, though my surroundings have changed a lot. Truly, sometimes I do feel like a hillbilly child transported to the suburbs, and nothing makes me happier than to escape to the wild- whether it’s a mountain, forest, seashore, or desert.

So I guess it’s only “natural” that my baby would love the outdoors, too. Lately, I hear her plaintive little voice calling “Shide? Shide?” as she stands at the door (usually armed with her favorite hat) begging to go outside. We usually try to get out a couple times a day for a walk in our neighborhood, either with the stroller or with her on my back in the “horsey” carrier.

It’s been a cold and rainy April, though, and getting outside isn’t always easy. So, to combat cabin fever, I brought some of the outside in. We made a “Spring tree” from a fallen branch in the backyard. I planted it (to David’s dismay!) in a trash bucket filled with water…in the corner of the living room. It came complete with little green blossoms, and Zia and I added the rest: ribbons, seed packets, strings of little pearlescent and felt flowers. 



Later, we perched Robin Redbreast and her nest of eggs up in the branches.



 (Notice by now our little tree has lost its pretty green leaves!)



And here’s the latest bit of sunshine (or, should I say, moonshine) that’s been added to our house: 4 moonflower vines that came in the mail from a very nice lady in New Mexico. I potted them until I’m sure the last frost is past (when will that be?) and then they’ll go outdoors in the ground. 

I can hardly wait to watch them bloom at night!


5 Responses to “a little hillbilly sunshine in the house”

  1. 3 Amigos says on :

    HI HONEY – I loved your story and Makayla LOVES seashells, too – but since we are nowhere near any; she buy them by the tons of bags at Wallyworld – she’ll look and look and then buys shells; and the next trip, the same:) the Moonflowers are pretty big, bigger than I thought, so that is GOOD; mine haven’t come in yet. they grow kind of like a scrub/vine.:) luv u/have a nice day give bebee a kiss for us /MOM

  2. Sethaniah says on :

    [I remember lying on a bed of pine needles for hours at a time]

    …I think that it only seemed like hours 🙂

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Haha you’re right. It was probably seconds! But hours in kid-time.

  4. Mimi says on :

    Hours? Seconds? North Carolina? Where were you kids?! I loved the pic of Dadda in his Mustang….all are very cute! Mimi

  5. mountain girl says on :

    The question is, where was our MOTHER??? We were just 2 free birds, living like there was no tomorrow! Weren’t you supposed to be making us study or prepare for the REAL world, or something? (“Cause everyone knows, learning about bark and pine needles isn’t real:)