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We took a trip to the feed store and got our hay, straw, feed, and all things goaty.  We pulled it all up the mountain in a trailer and set up a feed storage area in the basement.  David has been working like crazy to finish the shed (with rubber flooring) and build a pen.  We now have a sweet, almost-finished goat set-up.

With a pulled chest/shoulder muscle since the beginning of the year, I’ve never felt more useless or frustrated, just watching from the sidelines.  In my excitement and thinking I can help even in tiny ways, I seem to be prolonging the injury.  Stay still, stop sweeping, and don’t cough!  I never listen.

At least I can read, and I feel like I’m in Goat University–or maybe Goat Kindergarten–devouring books and websites, probably to David’s consternation.  There’s nothing worse than a goat know-it-all with no goat experience (past second grade), and one that doesn’t help with the work, to boot.  Haha.  I have a good man and he’s getting the job done, with or without me.

Three days and counting!

3 Responses to “almost ready”

  1. Your Lion says on :

    Looking good, looking good! I wouldn’t be doing this without you, so let’s roll! Shchmoochies! /:O*

  2. goat girl says on :

    Mia, it’s so exciting to see all the preparations. Everyone in the family seems to be doing their part or will find it soon enough when the goats arrive! Great job reading–you and your whole family including furry bleating additions will be glad you did!

  3. Mimi says on :

    The rubber floor is a great idea! It’s all coming along!