all the awesome little things

Posted on August 12th, 2019 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »


I love days like this, where I [accidentally] get a lot done–even though it’s a slow, kicked-back kind of day.

I got up this morning with a loose framework of things to do: Go to Lowes for a replacement latch for our storm door, take the kids to the library, mail a shop order.

The storm door is brand new and very lovely.  David and I installed it Friday, he left to NYC Saturday, and the latch came off in my hand Sunday.  Yippee.

It seems to be a thing with that particular door, so Lowe’s gave us an updated replacement.  I picked up the new latch and Cashy and I replaced the broken one.  It was quite the process, and we had David standing by via text from the USTA tennis stadium in NYC.  To help us loosen a screw, you know.

It turned out we just needed a bigger screwdriver.  We had to send him a picture of the screwdriver and the screw to find that out.  Sigh.  Sometimes I just wonder how I’ve made it this far.



And then sometimes I surprise myself!  Looking back over today, I thought about all the great little victories that happened.

I  bottled 2 gallons of strawberry kombucha and brewed 2 new gallons

I made a quart of yogurt

I swished with oil for 20 minutes (my teeth are whiter now!)

I read something awesome in my Bible. Phil. 4:6-7, in The Passion Translation

I made remineralizing toothpaste

I kept my kids alive, fed them, and talked to them

I worked on an interesting new woodcarving order

I tended to the other kids (with horns and fur) and the chickens

I wrote down some insightful things in my journal

I mucked the goat barn, watered the garden and houseplants

I actually got that screw out and put the new handle on the door

I did archery with Cash

I shipped that order. It’s a wolf carving that sat on my shelf for 150 days while I tried to reach the customer for the correct address.  I finally got it!

I managed to dodge the multitude of bats to put the furry kids and chickens away for the night

I read to the fur-less kids for 45 minutes and tucked them into bed.


And so here I am, at the end of the day, thinking of all the awesome little things that happened today.  It feels good, fresh, and clear.

I usually I tend to get bogged down by the things I haven’t done, things I said the wrong way, guilt I feel for not being a better mother, etc. It’s so easy to get swamped in all that.

But I was thinking the other day, I can let thoughts like that take over, and practically torture myself in agony, or I can choose to let them fly past me like the breeze, and remain unmoved in my spirit.  I know who I am, and although I’m not perfect, I am strong and I am loved, and everything I need is inside.


I’m remembering to just live one day at a time, the best I can.  To be gentle with myself, to let perfectionism slip through my fingers like water, let it go.  To fly on the wings I’ve been given, no matter how raggedy they seem, and feel the breeze blow on by.

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  1. Your Lion says on :

    I Love this and You!!!

  2. mountain girl says on :

    And I love youuuuuuu:)