a fresh coat of paint

Posted on September 11th, 2009 by mountain girl  |  2 Comments »



We painted our house!

We hired a really awesome father/daughter painting team. They did a great job- at first we thought the girl was a little small, but it turned out she did just fine. We just had to make sure she didn’t fall in the buckets.





This was the house at the onset of the project…a dingy sort of greenish-cream with lichen (literally?) trim.



But our team rocked it out in the flick of a lion’s tail…






And before we knew it, we had a bright, beautiful white house! (Okay, you’ve guessed it; our team was David and Zia. Who else could paint an entire house in one solid weekend?)



Now it literally glows from all the way down the street!



But heavens…how did I come to live in Suburbia? Deep down, I still feel like a displaced hillbilly child.

2 Responses to “a fresh coat of paint”

  1. 3 amigos says on :

    HI honey………..i just caught up with your blog; the house look beautiful AND the fence AND the yard AND the trees (gigantic); we enjoyed the pics of lil Zia – but she is getting pretty BIG and beautiful, too 😉 David looks nice; working hard and no wonder his hands hurt; dad says ” he remembers that pain 🙁 Thank you very much for the catch-up. We love you; big kiss for bebee 🙂 /MOM

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Mom! I’ve missed your comments! 🙂 Yes, we love the house and all the neighbors are jealous…just like when David did the fence!
    Zia is getting BIG and thinks she rules the house…I took her to a little health fair today to get out of David’s hair (yes he’s tackled ANOTHER project!) and she got to sit in a helicopter and a fire engine and had so much fun! We love you guys and miss you very much. We got a cute cute book from the library and read it today and thought of you…it’s called Little Red Cowboy Hat, you’ll have to look at it sometime. It’s a kind of Southwestern Red Riding Hood story and made us think of our Grandma in the Southwest. Kisses from all 3 of us 🙂