the end of february

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February has been a fairly delightful month, I’d say–at least for us.  (I’m sure there are quite a few people on the east coast who wouldn’t agree.) We’ve been getting to know our goats, had a week of sunny warmth, a couple of weeks of bitter freezing temperatures, lots of snow, and time to make things indoors.


The kids worked with Sculpey clay yesterday.


Zia made a whole menagerie, starting with this dove.


My green smoothie, topped with coconut flakes and melty homemade chocolate chips.


Starting a wooden baby spoon!


Goats in the basement.  It gives us and them something fun to do.



Karate kid(s)!


Getting to the clay studio sometimes usually doesn’t happen–so I started making pottery on my own in the basement.  It’s not quite the same without a wheel, but hand building has a certain charm of its own.  Sometimes I like it even better.  Besides, who can beat goats for company?




Zia’s creations.  She painted them with acrylics, then coated each one in glittery gold paint.


Another bear in the works!


Waking to winter wonderland mornings.



Making things=happy, silly kids.


This bear isn’t a Santa Fe bear, like the first.  He’s a Colorado bear…in springtime.  Notice he could use a little more chub around the waist. 🙂


Zia’s dove and eggs.


The baby spoon, carved and with its first coat of tung oil.


Zia’s field mouse and a nest of babies.


Last night, roasting marshmallows.


Although February was a good month, I’m looking forward to March and all that comes with it. Around here, of course, that means…MORE SNOW!  Yippee.

4 Responses to “the end of february”

  1. Yanic says on :

    What a wonderful looking February… Looks like you all made the best of every situation. Your daughter has your talent for sure, those little animals are darling. LOVE the bear, once again!

  2. susan says on :

    I love the pictures and the story they tell of a wonderful family. Love all the little things you make – beautiful spoon and creating a gorgeous piece of pottery with goats for company. Your life looks and sounds enchanting!

  3. Mimi says on :

    Wow ! Zia is very good with clay !!!! Loved what she’s done! And I like your bowl done by hand even without the help of the wheel- looks nice… all the carvings are very cute. So pretty outside your house! Love, Mimi

  4. Mom & Dad says on :

    hi honeeee…. lil Zia’s clay creations are wonderful and your bowl came out very very nice; your house and the view are amazing….we got a dumping of snow, too, 🙁 but the sun is out today so yay!!!! 🙂 luv u/mom