kids craft: princess crown

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Some of our favorite craft resources are used craft books we’ve snagged from garage sales or library book sales, or even those cheap kids’ craft books from the clearance section of Barnes and Noble. I keep them in easy reach for Zia, and when she finds something that catches her fancy, we drum up the materials (or something close) and get to work.

So was born the Princess Crown.

The book actually called for pipe cleaners rolled in aluminum foil, but we didn’t have the foil. We did find a headband that Zia never wears, which worked perfectly.

Here is what we came up with:


1 headband (plastic or metal kind)

4 metallic pipecleaners

cardstock in 2 or 3 colors


craft glue

1. Wrap the headband with 2 of the pipe cleaners. (If you want to completely cover the band, use more pipe cleaners.)

2. Cut 3 small flowers out of cardstock and apply glitter to the tips of the petals.

3. Cut 3 slightly larger flowers, and glue the small ones to their centers.

4. Cut 2 pipe cleaners in half and curl one end of each around in a little swirl. Glue the swirl to the center of each flower. There will be one half of a pipe cleaner left; cut it in two pieces and curl one end of each into a swirl.

5. When the flowers are dry, place each one at even intervals on the headband and twist the straight ends of the stems around the headband. Place the short curled pipe cleaners between them and twist straight ends around the headband. Curve each pipe cleaner stem into a fancy shape.

Other ideas instead of flowers: leaves, butterflies, different flower shapes, etc.

Crown your princess and watch her dance for joy!

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