small town parade

Posted on July 5th, 2012 by mountain girl  |  1 Comment »

We went to the local parade yesterday at noon. It was lots of fun, but terribly hot. Of course my pregnant body exaggerates the heat, but it actually was a cooker. The parade was filled with all the local yocals, and our town definitely has some colorful characters. We waved our homemade flag beside them proudly.

Zia collected a horde of candy, to my dismay. I don’t remember parades raining so much candy. We settled on eating one candy per day, although I’ve already given way and she had two today.  I need to hold the line. The poor kid falls apart when she has much sugar. One seems to be ok if she has a good snack just before.

We planned on going out to Broomfield last night for fireworks, since the fire ban here is still going strong. By evening, though, my body had a different idea. We stayed home and I exchanged a night out for a nice long soak in my claw-foot tub. It was much better than fireworks.

Hope you had a great Fourth of July!

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  1. Melissa says on :

    The parade looks like it was loads of fun. I’m with you on the candy…I don’t remember a lot of it either. I can only imagine how hot you were. I had to endure August in NC with both of mine…ugh!