winter arts festival, snowshoeing, and a new baby

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Last Saturday was the Winter Arts Festival in our town. I called in on a whim four days prior and found there was one space left, just for me. 🙂 I signed up, applied for a tax number, and by Saturday I had everything ready.


Setting everything up!




After helping me set up, David took the kids to a birthday party, and it was all me for the rest of the day–yippee! The event was pretty slow and I only sold six items, but I had such an awesome time.  I worked on my art uninterrupted for six hours, talked to people about my process, and saw a few friends.


Several artists in the community came over with really nice compliments and suggestions for more venues for my work. One 81-year old potter (who took my jewelry classes over the summer) told me this is her very last event, and when she heard it was my very first, she filled an entire paper with a handwritten list of local events she has worked that I might look into.


I felt really grateful for everyone’s support, and I’m looking forward to working at more art festivals. It was such an energetic, creative atmosphere, and I seriously think it was the most fun I’ve had all year. 🙂


We’ve gotten a couple of nice dumpings of snow the past couple of nights, and happily there is now plenty of snow for snowshoeing again. Our woods look like a white wonderland, everything is soft and quiet, and it feels amazing to be out there wandering through the whiteness.





I even talked Cash into trying out a tiny pair of snowshoes for the first time (Zia’s old ones). He asked if he could bring the ipad with him, lol (NO!) and he only stayed out a few minutes, but it was a start. I will turn him into an outdoorsman yet. 🙂


Here’s a shot of our snow-capped truck from up on the deck.

rae & gabecpy

And finally, I’ve saved the best for last. My sister Rahab had her baby, Gabriel Vincent, on December 11. He looks super cute and I wish I could see him in person, but he’s over on the other side of the country right now.  Welcome to the world, Gabe!  Stay very warm and cozy for as long as you can. :0)

7 Responses to “winter arts festival, snowshoeing, and a new baby”

  1. Kim says on :

    Congratulations on your first art festival, that is amazing! And I think selling six items for your first one is great! Look at that snow, gosh I wish we had some, I can’t wait to get the snowshoes out. Congratulations to your sister, Gabriel is adorable.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Kim! It’s hard to imagine having no snow right now, it’s so all-encompassing here. 🙂 And I am happy with what I sold–I’m sure sales will pick up later, but this time I was just happy to be at the festival selling art instead of buying it!

  3. Mimi says on :

    Papa and I so enjoyed looking at your jewelry display and thought how much fun it must have been to do something you are so interested in! A very nice break! Nice of David to take the kids! We Miss not being part of your everyday life. Love. Mama

  4. mountain girl says on :

    I really wish you could have been here–you could have modeled my necklaces, lol. 🙂

  5. Mom & Dad says on :

    Hi honeeee – your display is beautiful, we wish we could have been there, too – luv / mom

  6. mountain girl says on :

    Wish you could have been there too…maybe I’ll show my art in Santa Fe someday…Canyon Road, lol. 😉

  7. Granny says on :

    Your art work is awesome. As I have said before you have soooo many talents. Thank you for sharing that WONDERFUL photo of your sister and her son. That is a true miracle of our wonderful God.