new worktable and homemade apron

Posted on January 15th, 2015 by mountain girl  |  3 Comments »


I have two lovely new things to show you today. 🙂

The first is a worktable for my basement studio.  I needed one to replace the shaky easel that Cash has almost upended more than once.  We haven’t bought many things at IKEA, but we found this great solid wood tabletop that you can pair with different leg support choices.  I picked out some adjustable sawhorse legs that can also be slanted to create a drawing board.


Cash and I put the legs together, which he took veeeeerrry seriously.  He wouldn’t even take off his coat and boots before starting.


It was a breeze to put them together.  I love “building” furniture like this anyway, but I found that IKEA is almost a laugh at how easy they make the instructions. They also have some comical drawings to accompany the instructions, which I wish I had photographed before throwing away.


I took the legs downstairs and David and Caleb put the top on, which was definitely not an easy IKEA-instructed feat–I guess because the top and legs didn’t actually come together.  Still, for IKEA, there was a lot of measuring, drilling, and screwing involved–not to mention buying the hardware.  But it came out great, don’t you think?  So solid, and not very expensive at all.


I plan on using it for woodworking, hand-built pottery, sewing, etc.  Speaking of sewing, I dug out my machine, cleaned it, and whipped up an apron last night from a nice piece of woven oyster-white fabric I had in my scrap box.  I am trying to decide whether I want to use it for woodcarving (as planned), pottery, or baking.  I would probably use it for all three if pottery dust wasn’t so toxic.


I made it extra long, edged it with bias tape, made a wide, comfy strap for the neck, and added square pockets with a natural raveled edge, because I dig that sort of thing.  Cash was really impressed.  I told him I would make him an apron too, and he nodded happily.  “A Spider Man boy-apron?” I offered.  “Eh, nah,” he said.  “Just a big white Mama apron like yours.” 🙂


Here I am in action…hehee.


On the small worktable to the left is a little pottery wheel I got off Craigslist for Zia. We haven’t spent a lot of time experimenting with it, but it is a fun thing to fool around with and hopefully I can find a place to set it up for Zia to throw some clay.  (Or it might be mostly for me…when no one else is looking.) 😉

3 Responses to “new worktable and homemade apron”

  1. Yanic says on :

    You got to LOVE IKEA!!! It looks great. 🙂 I love seeing you at work.

  2. mountain girl says on :

    Thanks, Yanic! Yep, IKEA is pretty great. 😉

  3. Mimi says on :

    Love the apron and the table!