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Posted on March 18th, 2011 by mountain girl  |  6 Comments »

As you can see, we put the boy to work as soon as he arrived. He made this sweet blanket to keep the Air force dad nice and cozy. Hemming it on all four sides was a big project that took all morning, and it went straight to David’s desk chair to cover the otherwise cold leather. (Of course, I stole it that night to wrap myself up in bed.)

This cool drag racing car was a joint Caleb-Dad project from a kit we found at the fabric shop. I think the hand-painted look of the finished car is pretty sweet.

The reindeer was a request from Zia. A little off-season, but very cool just the same. All three of us kids worked on it: Caleb and I sewed, Zia and Caleb stuffed. Like the reindeer, the little bear is made from wool felt, which is really fun to work with. Caleb sewed the bear, and Zia stuffed it. The bear is two-toned, and both sides have her name stitched with the automatic alphabet stitch function, which Caleb thoroughly explored. He found out exactly how many letters in a row could be programmed without stopping the machine (35 letters). That knowledge may come in handy someday…you never know!

Caleb with the finished drag racer.

My favorite of all is this blanket he made for Zia. It’s so cozy, and she comes running out with it wrapped around her when she wakes up in the morning. Puppies and flowers are on one side, mermaids swim on the other. He batted it with a piece of alpine fleece.

He goes home tomorrow. She’s sure gonna miss that boy…as we all will. Come back soon, Caleb!

6 Responses to “made by caleb”

  1. Caleb says on :

    very cool!!! i luv it

  2. tracy martin says on :

    Sounds like he is a young man any parent would be proud of! I’m sure he will be sorely missed, but you will have plenty of love offerings he’s made to keep the memory fresh till next time!



  4. mountain girl says on :

    Little Fur Wonder,
    We can’t wait for you to come back and see us! We miss you already! The sewing machine is here crying for you…I’ll try to entertain it till you get back. We are all curled up snugly in your blankets tonight!

  5. 3 amigos says on :

    hi honeeee…………… said “where are the pix?” and I was amazed at the stories we needed to catch up on…time flies? We remember Caleb taking apart the vaccuumas just to see how they worked = he was about 3 and did this for a couple of years. He is so smart in taking apart things and figuring them out. How about the computers? WOW Just like his dad? Lil Zia is so beautiful in her swimsuit. I’m glad you all enjoying sewing. Grandma Marian loved to sew and she had a sewing maching that you had to pedal with your foot. Uncle Ronny loved to sew, too. Well, i’m making this a letter and it should be a comment??!! We luv u guys and can’t wait to see u all again 🙂 luv u/mom

  6. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Mom!
    Yup, time flies! We remember Caleb and his vacuums! It was good seeing you again…thanks for letting us come and fill up your nice neat, quiet house with lots of kids and noise!
    Love you!