little red-haired girl by cecilia murgel

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If you read my last post, you will recognize this little girl in her cat dress. I am still dazed and amazed, but completely thrilled to say that one of my very favorite contemporary artists, Cecilia Murgel, has featured Zia in her latest sketchbook pages!

Cecilia’s work, as I mentioned, is among my top favorites…there is something in it that I find very familiar and attractive. Maybe it’s the high percentage of curly redheads she paints? or all the mismatched patterns-which I LOVE! Or maybe the combination of delicate line with flat color that has always been so satisfying to me…

Anyway, yesterday morning I commented on one of Cecilia’s drawings, and when I browsed her site again in the evening, I found this sweet representation of my very own girl, complete with kitty cats. And so, as I said, I sit here amazed.

Thank you, Cecilia.

I think she does her daily work mostly in moleskine journals, which lends the nice raw vulnerability of catching an artist mid-creative flow. I also find her professionally finished prints incredibly beautiful. Of course, I’ve become even more of a fan of Cecilia Murgel since she chose to draw my baby…so I suppose I’m just a little biased. But if you want to see for yourself, there’s lots more of Cecilia’s work here, and you can visit her 2 blogs here and here.

I hope you enjoy this drawing even half as much as I do. I feel inspired to get back to my own drawing board now…it’s been quite a while.

As Cecilia would say, Beijos!

3 Responses to “little red-haired girl by cecilia murgel”

  1. Cecilia Murgel says on :

    Thanks Mia..this is beaultiful here!

  2. 3 amigos says on :

    HI……………… WOW Cecilia is a wonderful artist………….looks just like lil bebee 🙂 what a blessing to be talented – u, too honey, we admire your work all the time 🙂 luv u all/ (enjoying the really warm weather; Friday gets up to 82) can’t believe it………….luv/Mom

  3. mountain girl says on :

    Hey Mom,
    Finally you’re getting warm weather! Soak in that sun!!!